SteemJet Logo Contest Participation (Trying hard)

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Hi guys, what's up. Sorry for not posting in the previous week

Finally, I have some spare time to sit and write something silly on steemit.
The last weak was very intense.
It was like I was in the middle of the raging storm and thunder that were shaking the world around me.
Ice was melting and the flood almost washed me away.
Also, my girlfriend was demanding to spend more time with her and my exams took a huge chunk of my sleep.
But it is what it is bros, have to be good and study well. Otherwise, I will keep being a poor little beggar potato.

Logo Contest

So what is up for today. One of my steemit acquaintances @dromzz introduced me to a steemjet logo contest by @dimimp.
As someone who likes to try different stuff and also to earn something in return, I decided to give it a try.
It's my first time doing something like that, I've never participated in such contests before.
I know that there are a lot of talented designers that I don't dare to compare myself to.
But... Let's just do it!

So I've decided to make a post to put all logos here, sorry if they suck, I really tried!)


We tried, guys... Thanks for coming by!)

So... That's it and I've gotta go, see you in a couple of days bros.
Was glad to see you today! Have fun! :-)


Good job and welcome! This is a great start and I am sure that @dimimp will like them. You should take part in the book page competition or whatever it is called, and post the designs in the comments

Hi, I'm just learning what's up for now :D
It's very time-consuming... Together with my exams, sigh.
We'll see lol.

Look at you, since when you're making logos? :d
Good job, they are pretty well made!)
I'm also painting everyday, just don't have time to post lol.

But it's a great opportunity!))
Not only I can learn how to make them but also there is a chance to get something in return. I'll just do my best whatever happens later.

Yea do your best and whatever happens, I'm curious what's next on your mind))

Oh, I will!

I think those logos are fine, man!

I like the first one best! The golden egg is interesting as well. But the picture would benefit from sharper contrasts, in my opinion.

It's just a test for now, I'm not sure how it will go lol.
Contrasts might help, I'll try later thx :-)

These aren’t that bad! Keep at it and you may become a logo designer one day! :P

Nonono, We are just testing the waters.

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Thanks guys!)

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Hey. I want to ask you if these bot upvotes actually generate more money than you put into it? I have tried bots a couple of times but somehow almost always end up with negative ROI. What is your strategy or do you even have one?

Right now it's negative so there is no point in buying bots except if you are sure that steem price will go up in the next seven days.

These are completely original logos, I like the design, I wish you luck and they look very good by the way