SteemJet mbj - Elvis Photoshop Contest (My Entry)

in #steemjet3 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone, What is up? Happy to see you again!
It's another SteemJet participation from me.

I found myself enjoying doing contests so I decided to participate in another one.
I'm a bit sleepy today. Probably it has to do something with the seasons changing or maybe I'm a little exhausted because of my study.

This time it's a photoshop contest by @dimimp to make @mbj (quite promising steemian who likes graphic design and photography) into Elvis Presley.
I used to like photoshop in the past so it's quite fun to come back to it again.
I'm also thinking of making photoshop series with other steemians after a while.
I promise guys, when I finally ace my exams and show em how it has to be done, I'll start posting more (soon, very soon).

So let's not drag it for too long. Here's my entry:

To be frank it took a good chunk of my time to make them look more or less real.
Be prepared to meet the incredible, splendid Elvis as @mbj:


It's all for today, was glad to see you guys.
Have a super fantastic day, stay awesome! :)


Wow.. This is awesome bro..
Am glad you participated..


Nah, I was just lucky. Thx :)

I see!

My favourite is the one with a dog!))
They look so real, how did you do it, damn :d
Also, you should try Photoshop series, they will work out really well.

Yeah, I love animals. It's also my favourite one :D

I like the doggie picture, too.

Great idea that Photoshop series. @sadpotato, please grant our wish and do a Photoshop series. :)

Definitely, it's about to come. Just have to close my exams!)

I wish you success in your exams!

The possibilities are endless.

Maybe Jaro will buy me a piano if I get good grades. Hmmm...

Yea, that's my best too, Weldone dear @sadpotato

Looks awesome! I'm still at the point where I'm only cursing at the monitor while in photoshop but hopefully I'll get to a level where there is some progress amongst the curses.. :D

I wish there were more photos to select from. Could make a real masterpiece.
But the result is not bad, let's leave it like that :D

I didn't know that you could use Photoshop :D Great job!

And please start the Photoshop series. I would like to see one and maybe start one on my own too

Yeah, I can do a little bit.
I think photoshop series should be fun (Probably I'll get flagged though for making fun of popular steemians lol).

Is very nice

very nice indeed :)

Ahahahha, I can't... looool

I think new Elvis perfectly fits there!

Have tried making this one?


Omg, it's a more perfected square face loool.
I was thinking to change my avatar, just didn't find the time.

Your current one is recognizable nonetheless. Before you change it you have to print that figure and post the results :D

Lmao I will think about it :D

This is a result of harwork and dedication. Well done @sadpotato

Thanks, thanks :0)

So you have access to some pics that we don't? This are amazing

I saw mbj posted them somewhere in the comment section of the contest.

I uploaded it earlier.. Check the post.

Hy @sadpotato, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Thanks, great comment! I enjoyed it a lot! Keep up the great work! It's always nice to read good comments here on steemit!

Great reply! I enjoyed it a lot! Keep up the great work! It's always nice to read good replies here on steemit!


aahahhahahahhaa really funny pictures :DD nice work! have a great day, greetings!

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