SteemJet Logo design: My submission

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Hi steemians, I am here with my ever first contribution for the @steemjet community and for our Boss @dimimp. Here i also wanna mention our HOD of the art department @mbj .
I m really sure you will find my work awesome because of its uniqueness from other steemjetiens work.I hope you people will appreciate my work and i want to do a lot more for the @steemjet community and for our Boss @dimimp if i got appreciation from them.
Here is my first work"

My first Logo [email protected]

Here is in the transparent form

Another to simple logos that I have specially made for the @steemjet cards

And here is the space force card for steemjetiens and I want to make it for every steemjetiens if our Boss @dimimp want me to do so,

Space force card.png

If you find my work good the don't hesitate to upvote , please leave a comment and share your thoughts.


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