Cryptocurrency knowledge for kids, is it feasible?

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Photo by Lincolm Method (twitter)

Before you read further, take a few minutes and watch this video.

Alright, in the last Steemjet WhatsApp meeting, a lot of people questioned if it's important to teach kids about cryptocurrency. And I said, it's really really important. Why?
While we are still arguing if cryptocurrency will work or not, it is our kids who will fully adopt it in their generation.

Children are naturally curious and always ready to learn compare to most adult. Did you watch that video? If not, stop and go watch it now.

It is very important that we begin now to prepare every child we have around us for the future because blockchain technology/cryptocurrency is the future.

A lot of people I discuss with have raised concerns on how we expect children to understand the concept of cryptocurrency when it's difficult for adult to fully grasp the topic themselves.

Now compare the lessons of cryptocurrency to how you teach a child how to study. First you teach to child to recognize the alphabet. Next the child learn to pronounce simple words and read short sentence without necessarily understanding the full meaning of what he's reading. Then gradually the child learns the meaning of the words and the meaning the give in a sentence.

Level 1 Recognizing crypto symbols and their names. Just as children do learn to recognize national flags and names of countries, children as young as three years old should recognize the logos of different cryptos and should also learn to try drawing them for those who have interest in art.

Next let the child understands that cryptocurrency is to paper money what email is to paper mail.

Let's take a look at what the Lincoln Method center is doing towards getting children to learn about crypto currency, Blockchain and even smart contract.

Blockchain has gender

Our data has value

We can actually buy biscuit with cryptos

And can even give mom something on mother's day

Now the videos above are just less then one minute each and they go a long way to illustrate how ready children are to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Thank you Lincoln-method, if anyone can reach to them, please bring them to Steemit.

This is the first lesson in this series. In the next lesson, we'll look at teaching cryptos to older children and teenagers. Now let's hear from you. How best do you think we can get children to understand cryptocurrency and blockchain?


It very very important to teach children about cryptocurrency and the best way to do that is to start at tender age.

While they are trying to grab and understand alphabets, crypto currency should be introduced and thaught to them.

I really believe that teaching kids the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency is possible. Unlike in our days, kids nowadays are better able to grasp a lot of things that most of us couldn't comprehend when we were their age due to their early exposure to technology. Cryptocurrency is just an advancement of what they already know in the real world. If they could understand what paper money is, then it's easy to pass the message of cryptocurrency.

I'm at home right now with my little nieces and nephews. I've started telling them about steemit and their curiosity is awakened to know more. Would download it fully for them before I leave.

Looks like someone already pickup the job. Now that's how it should be for charity begins at home but should not end there.

We marvel at how kids now grow up with Crayola-like tablets. How about minds forming not with the concept of money or credit, but digitized assets? A photo that is permanently saved on the world's digital network. Their school graduation video in a digitized time capsule that will last as long as humans- and more easily accessible than microfiche.

Kids are the future if tomorrow so it's absolutely necessary to teach them now so they won't find it difficult later.

I think the approach made by @shrazi with the Olivia story was the best approach used for kids.

It explains it to them in the manner with which they are accustomed to.

Yes the Olivia comic book is a very useful tool in teaching kids about cryptocurrency. Now people have it in their hands and can print copies to show them to kids.

That is just fantastic. Soon we will have kids talking about crypto like it is their playtoys. It will ease the teaching and make it so simple for them to understand it before they even become adults. By their teen years, they'll be expert miners already.
It's a revolution!!!

Haha .. Oliva's Mining Team... OoMmm

Hey they took @dimimp's idea and ran with it!

Well children understanding blockchain and cryptocurrency all depends on who taught them and the method of teaching employed by the teacher. Ever since i came accross the book; GIFTED HANDS and saw hw the dumbmest kid in the class rose to the top i have come to believe nothing is above human conception and as for the method of teaching i think demostration and playway method would be d best for their age and simplification of the topic

Wao thats great idea.... Children aged six and over can now own cryptocurrency using an....learning about money early is key to developing... Teaching children about money is one most important lessons..,they will naturally learn about volatility too. Since the value of wallo any cryptocurrency.... Cryptocurrancy is the digital coins like that we gain in video games.... Yes this is great idea steemjet...childrens are great learners...

With the tokenise world we live in where every human activity is going to be monetized, we expect this tools to be available soon to kids and everyone else through simple things like gaining real tradeable coins from videos games.

Kids are good and fast learners. Great idea.

Absolutely feasible.
I think children if interested in something are the best learner's.
And they are the future of our generation, so we should teach them about blockchain technology and how it works.

For me it would be a good idea, we can go around teaching children about the crypto world. You can make millions of examples as we see in the videos, exercises, puzzles, dynamics and even games to make everything more fun. The idea is to let children know that this is the future and that it is worth it.

Well it is very feasible. The earlier the better, its all about making them familiar with it.

Sure,just like us loving smart phones and our parents wondering why.

Lol you get my point

Yes, especially at very young age.

I strongly agree that cryptocurrency knowledge for kids is feasible and in fact, we should teach them

Then, let's do it in our own little way. Everybody should see is as their responsibility to do so.

Nice innovation and initiative

#A welcome developments

#steemjet for the kids

Good work, we are going to make this work for sure no backing out.

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