# Earn while you learn - A Cryptocurrency/Steemjet Awareness Program. Event Coverage by Steemjet media

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One of our promise to the steemjet community was to provide video coverage for blockchain, cryptocurrency and steem event organized under the steemjet umbrella. We promised and we are out to fulfil it.

This event tagged "Earn While you Learn" was organized by @deandaniel on the 23rd June, 2018 at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. Students of the institution all gathered to listen to great and influential speakers on the blockchain.

Images of the event

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@samstickkz talking on blockchain and cryptocurrency

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We are certain they enjoyed the event

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It's refreshment time.........

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Watch a summary video below to get a feel of the event.

And after the show

Steemjet Media

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Thanks for the support guys.

You did great.

CONGRATULATIONS...It is wonderful to see how the projects are fulfilled completely, without problems and with total success.Many greetings friend, at this time both my cell phone and my computer are broken, so I have not contacted, greetings and I hope my economy improves to resolve those situations and keep moving forward.

Thank you for the super duper event, many got to learn how to invest .

Wow, this event was great.. Steemjet live forever!

I wish I was there.
I think it was a wonderful event boss.
Appreciate what you are doing mate.
Luck for the future too

U guyz are all amazing. Thumbs up guyz

Had an awesome time. wow!!! i still can't believe i have not posted my steemjet uniuyo ; my experience... Gonna do that today.

nice one coming out from nigeria
this is awesome

kudos to all who did it

Amazing job you guys in the media department are doing. Thumbs up and more grace to your team. Keep the steemjet flag flying....

steemjet all the way.

This is a nice concept, it necessary to spread the steem revolution to the Nigerian youth and populace, we are the generation, let make the change.

These steemjets events are big, the concept is beautiful as well, it's evident they're expensive to organise as well, I salute the people behind the cause.

Thumbs up Steemjet media crew, I love what you guys are doing. I love it that you guys have decided to give the best you can and like my friend @jingis07 puts it,

No one will reward you for mediocrity.

Congratulations @deandaniel for a successful event hosting. I hope to be around in the next one, that's actually my university I had my bachelors.

@samstickzz have spoken well, this is the time to cultivate crypto acceptance in young mind for the future and that's a task that we all must partake.

Our senior whale, @vheobong, I also need 6000 Steem o, that girl is a prophet. So start sowing seed, lol.

Great job guys

Best wishes for Steemit

Wow steemjet media is really working.. This is amazing... The clarity of the video and picture quality is second to none.

Thumbs up guys, keep up the Good work.

Great job @danieldean and other steemjet media members, Congratulations.

Wow, This event was great!!!!! STEEMJET ALL THE BEST WISHES