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Today is the first day in the month of July which marks the beginning of the second half of the year. So, first of all, happy new month to you all. But also I wish to use this point to make a special appeal for the revival of Steemjet.

After a few discussion with @deandaniel and @mbj. We think it is time for us to make an effort to pick back up our broken bricks and rebuild. Steemjet was a big family. It wasn't perfect, it didn't always work well but with all the drama and parties added to a part of us as a community. Everyday I have many people chatting me up or calling me and all asking what would be done to revive. Each day I see the group chat and all the airdrop hustles and I know it isn't easy anymore for everyone. And that is why we are making this appeal now. Steem/Steemit itself have a lot of shortcomings (poor store of value) but till now it's still the best blockchain social media for communities both in terms of interaction and fund distribution.

We've all had enough time to reflect on our shortcomings both as individuals and as a community and realised that lots of shits went on especially the mismanagement of funds by those entrusted to funds for specific projects. Well in short I'll say we did fucked up and I believe everyone can now agree that We can do better and we are willing to do better. Special thanks to @cherylsonty for her persistence in making sure the little votes left still goes around.

This time we'll be more focus on music and entertainments. Show your talents, share your knowledge with the community and we help get you to the spotlight. What can you do? Sing? Dance? Draw? Act or art?... 'I have a violin or piano'', then play it and tell us how you do it. Everyone have a talent but not everyone have an audience to share with, that's what we'll have here.
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This is the first in many of the appeals to revive Steemjet community and make it better. The Imp had promised us to return and we hope it's time for the return because we can't do it on our own.

What do you all say?


Sincerely, we can all make a return and retrace our steps back now. Definitely, we’ll all make it. SteemJet 🥁

The reason why Steemjet will thrive on no matter the temporary storms is that Steemjet has gone beyond community level and distributed steem. Steemjet is a belief system, it's a culture that everyone truly has something valuable to offer in their respective capacities.

And once, we understand this concept and begin to see things this way. We'll truly know that we are Steemjet. Just like the Church, the church is not the building, it's the members that make the church.

Now is the time to collect money to create a steem engine token for Nigerians and allow it to become the steem tribe for west africa, you can use @wafrica just convince @surfyogi it will be worth it

Thank you for your wonderful suggestion, I'll put it into deep consideration with the prospect of yielding great result from it

This is neccessary, we can only use mistakes of the past to correct the future.

The Imp, I had a surgery on June 12 (Democracy day in Nigeria) and guess who made this possible. The imp made it possible, the bills were paid from previous funds I got. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't get to find a community like Steemjet and a Sponsor like The Imp, damn only God knows.

I am most Grateful for this, Steemjet through The Imp did not only Changed lives but also Saved lives. Wherever and Whoever you are, God bless you.

If you ever get back, I am so willingly to pick up the task and help the community grow. You are the fuel that keeps the Steemjet community running, imagine the vast blockchain knowledge thousands have gotten from this community you built. The work is not finished yet, there is still more to be done.

Long live Steemjet, Long live the Sponsor

look to steem engine

imagine tribes created for the actual tribes of rural West Africa

First we erred, then we learned, now we forgive ourselves and we rebuild.

We need to get @surfyogi to peruse the @wafrica token and get its scotbot setup, the custom website online and then we can begin promoting the wafrica custom tribe

if you talk to him he will listen.

from there you then go and create an EOS token out of the steem engine scot token using the #eos-ex service offered by steem engine 1000 ENG


then list wafrica on newdex and youc an start really creating a serious new community

or do it without @wafrica and make one for Ghana and one for Nigeria, or combine efforts, either way, it will work one way or another... get a west african scot tribe going, and list on eos ex and newdex

Really appreciatable programe for the community benefits. It's amazing to see you again. Good luck

Nice TO See We Are coming back to the blockchain that showed us the light and is still ready to take us back to glory days. The key still has steem so it will still get to the moon. ☺

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This time you have nre focus on music and entertainment.

It's indeed been a long vacation for us all @steemjet community. It's high time we came back together and seek ways to pick up the shattered pieces of our broken community. Make amends and become a better people.

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Yes. We are happy to see you again. I hope community will be happy to review again steemjet initiative. Well comes back.

This is great news I must say, indeed things have really been hard,I guess everyone has realized the value of what they really had after this long boring break we all had...the airdrop hussle was real, personally I took a break at some point. I had never given up on steemjet and I knew a day like this would surely come. Thanks for the acknowledgement @lordjames,it was the least I could do to keep the flag flying 😃...I hope that this time things would get more better and interesting!

I hope the betterment of Steemjet once more has restart, strong and strengthen. Indeed we all have learnt our lesson, reduce our ego and Submissive to airdrop. The change we seek start with us. Nice one @lordjames

Yeah!! it is the only option now to pick our broken pieces and rebuild our force. Humanity is full of challenges and mistakes,either by the "the King, the people, the family or the community".

Unsatisfactory feature is one of the problems of man! but we have to look back, pickup and rebuild the box of memories we've crafted!! There are lots of unbaked ideas still in our heads to reshape this community and add value to crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

We may have been quite for a while now! but we are not dead!!

Longlife @steemjet!

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🚀 🚀

Most times, we don't know the value of what we have until it's gone but thank God steemjet isn't gone. We now know the value of what we had then. It feels so good to get a little hope in the air again!

Everytime I sit down and think about the good time I have with steemjet. The little break make me to know how much I love steemjet.
Steemjet on the wing of super star, we are world and steem.

Thank you @steemjet for the post, we are human, we are bound to make mistakes but the ability to realize what we have done and make a new leaf is what stands us out, steemjet gave alot of people hope and voice and that's what we can't forget in a hurry, let's come back together, with love and unity so we can build a better community.

Wellcome back steemjet. We always miss your informative posts.

I'm happy to see @steemjet coming back

Hopefully, things pan out well. Dry bones shall rise again 😊

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This is great you come back. And your efforts was awesome in previously program. Hope it will be same in new task.

@steemjet I consider very wise the decision to retake the service or work done by your team through your account in esteemit. In good time they decide to return the work that I do not really know in depth, but I consider it important for the construction of the readers and beneficiaries of the donations or contributions.
Greetings, successes, and blessings to all.

I am with you steemjet!

Keep it going

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Go for it, i am with you.

Great news @steemjetdiscord always work for @steemjet and try to do more and more.
But we have lack of resources due to mismanagement in fund and also a main reason of lack of resources is the price of steem. As it is 0.29 cent but we can do better for steemjet and i know boss return us as he promised to us we will countinue our work with more effort thanks for the great post lets make it to the moon.

I like trains.. wrooooom

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