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Seeing the title of this post, you may think or get a clue that i am an introvert, but NO. I am an extreme extrovert, always ready to talk, socialize, make new friends at every given opportunity. I have made friends here on steemit since i joined this platform, the likes of @mathemandy who introduced me to the blockchain, @samsticks who showed me the ropes, @samuel9135,@sirdeza, @mbj, @empato my steemjet family,

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Enough about me, to the topic of the day SILENCE;
Silence is gold, and like gold is hard to come by. silence gives room for "self reflection", and self reflection is to make meaning, think deeply, reflect on all the things that have happened in your life both good and bad. it is very important to start making time for rest, silence and solitude. it will help you grow your inner being.

Do not get me wrong. I'm not saying be an extreme introvert , loner or block the world from your life. I am simply saying, know when to keep silent; it advisable to go solo awhile to get back a piece of you that is lost or finding solutions to unanswered questions that bothers you.

Do not decide to block the world out or become a loner and always be silence, but when you are in situations such that tend to incur regrets you keep silent. example;

  • Be silent, if you can't say it without shouting.
  • Be silent, if your words will offend a person.
  • Be silent, if you will be ashamed of your words later.
  • A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.
  • Be silent, when you don't have all the facts.
  • Be silent in the heat of argument.
  • Be silent, if your words convey the wrong impression
  • Be silent, if your words could damage a friendship
  • Be silent, if your words can cause death (e.g cyber bullying)
  • Be silent to get answers to unanswered questions.

I do most of these points have listed out. if you try it out it will help you and help other people around you.

Thanks for reading, and the list is open for you readers to add to the list of when one is to stay silent.


Silence is sure the way to avoid problem. Good work dear

So am not among your friends right??

lol, its not like that now @cherylsonty

shes everyones friend

Thanks dear for holding the fort for me. Lol

@cherylsonty dear. You are my friend. Steemjet brought us together. Im sorry. Will try and make it up to you. Thanks dear

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