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Hello people
This is @vheobong from steemjet audio department alongside @Kristenantai01 @mathemandy and @profchydon specially assigned to carry out duties in the audio depart, curate entries for the steemjet audio contest, compile and update the entries.

@Kristenantai01 voice of steem jet welcome note

If you are yet to understand what the steemjet audio contest is about, here is a message from @dimimp

Each contest entry must have a VOICE RECORDING saying:
"Welcome aboard steemjet. This is your captain speaking. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff. STEEMJET - on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem"
And that's it. You are entered in the competition with the grand prize of $2000

The prize winner will be judged as having a combination of the highest quality recording meaning no background noise or music (75%), and a good voice (25%). Don't worry about your accent, just say it with style.


Pro tip: Make consecutively louder recordings (raise your microphone gain each time) until you hear digital distortion (will sound scratchy and bad) when speaking or an annoying audible background noise. Then lower your gain so that you have maximized your "headroom" without clipping the digital signal.

Your main goal here is to MAXIMIZE the audio signal to background noise ratio without clipping the signal

Bonus upvote rewards will be given for those who help others in this process, and for submissions in different languages. You can check out the original post for translations that you can dictate into your microphone.

This contest will last until June 30, and the winner receives $2000 in upvotes

Initial compilation by @dimimp

@leoumesh - great signal to noise ratio

@yatri - great signal to noise ratio

@kekegist nice signal to noise and nice voice

@kristenantai best voice, improve the signal to noise ratio and do one in english, and this is the best entry

@banymaracara - beautiful voice, improve the signal to noise ratio and this entry is tough to beat, plus tri-lingual bonus

@kilatunzii - great voice and signal to noise ratio, improve signal to noise for bigger prize

@cheryldavis fantastic voice, improve the signal to noise ratio and we have a contender

@hemlal great signal to noise

@ubongj low signal to noise

@lordjames - nice voice but noise in signal

@soufiani - some background noise

@profchydon - remove the background music, and let us see what that signal to noise ratio sounds like

@shuta - low signal to noise ratio

@shrazi - low signal to noise

@sistem - remove the background music, and let us see what that signal to noise ratio sounds like and we might have a serious entry, your voice is grand!

@gacorniel low signal to noise ratio

@dongentle2 very low signal to noise ratio

@omowumi has made many versions but I can't get the links to work. It is a shame that I have not had time to even listen to most of these submissions because the 3 art contests kicked off soon after we posted this contest and of course the kids book detour. Now our major focus is back on this audio competition, and I want to catalogue the entries. This is somewhat new to me technically, but I will keep you posted on the progress, and know that this audio competition will always be posted prominently until it completes.

@ninoh11 - link

@jesse12 - link!/@jesse12/20180314t024158028z-steemjet-captain-contest-in-my-local-languagepidgin

@meher04 - bad link!/@meher04/20180314t081415587z-urdu-translation-for-steemjet

@mhizsophie - bad link!/@mhizsophie/20180314t202036600z-steemjet-captain-contest-translation-in-hausa

@xerox-bru S/N (signal to noise)

@ninoh22 S/N

@dhayor S/N and voice inflection improvement necessary

@abdulmanan - bad link

@mrrpiusz - bad link!/@mrrpiusz/20180415t082706591z-steemjet


new compilation by the steemjet audio team.




Audio Voice Contest For SteemJet - SoundCloud
Listen to Audio Voice Contest For SteemJet by stephen robert #np on #SoundCloud

















*Spanish Version:

"Bienvenidos a bordo de steemjet. Les habla su capitán. Aseguren sus cinturones de seguridad y prepárense para el despegue. STEEMJET - en las alas de superestellas, somos palabras y steem "

*English Version:

Welcome aboard steemjet. This is your captain speaking. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff. STEEMJET - on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

*Portuguese Version:

Bem-vindo a bordo do steamjet. Este é o seu capitão. Proteja seu cinto de segurança e prepare-se para a decolagem. STEEMJET - nas asas das super estrelas, somos palavras e steem.







Urdu entry




Voice Contest For SteemJet in Bangla Language - SoundCloud


























  • This compilation is a total of 96 valid entries and 3 invalid entries due to bad links.

  • You can keep your entries coming either as a comment or on your blog as a post but preferably on your blog so as to be properly curated

  • Entries submitted as blog posts should carry the tag "steemjet" followed by "steemjetaudiocontest"

  • Audio can be created using

  • Contest ends on June 30th.

Want to learn more about steemjet, read here, an article by @empato365


Mummy, mine isn't clickable... The markdown formatting has disembarked the link.


Ouch, resend the link and I'll update it

This is really great... Really appreciate the hard work

hello @vheobong.
I made my entry for the steemjet audio contest.
This is the link:
please include it to the list. Thanks

Hey, great to be part of the Steemjet Team With you! I am a noob from art department. Not sure if anyone saw my entry so I will repost it here.

Okay, noted

Weldon vhe,i know it wasn't easy to come up with all the links..... #longlivesteemjet

Hello @vheobong, well-done so far for the compilation list. It must have been some herculean task for you. Please I don't quite get the instructions. My name and link is among the 96 compilations you and the audio team put together. What is the next step?

Wait till the winners are announced dear

Oh OK. Thanks for the prompt response

Nice...I think both my entries were captured here.

Wow you guys are doing a great Job. I love the energy you guys have put in here to make this work out

Thanks a lot

This is a great job.
My voice and win this contest!

Oh my that's a lot! I applaud you for doing what you do. I work listening to audios all day and it can be daunting and tiring repetitive task. Here's me cheering you on!

kids book detour

Dear @vheobong.
Can you tell me more about this kids book detour? I have spent the last 4 years getting books for kids (especially orphans), I am always interested in anything that has to do with books.

hehehehehehehehehe.. Me that cannot sing like this

Lemme get to work, thanks for the info Roni

Hi @vheobong, you've done a good job by doing this compilation.
But unfortunately, you missed my entry, but it isn't too late to add up my entry as you can access it from the link below:
Thanks friend.

Hey vhe vhe here is the link to my contest entry hope you will do well to check it out.......

Alright, thanks for your entry

This sounds like fun. Should I or should I not?😁😁

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