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Hello everyone!

This is my entry for the steemjet musical..Audition stage

I would like to give a big shout out to the creator of the contest @langford, the other judges @yourmercury, @mrprecious, @etemi and @adamzi and the sponsor, our very amiable boss @dimimp

This is a very good avenue to scout for the best musical talents on this wonderful platform, so if you got what it takes to be a musical superstar you can enter the contest here

Now to my song

Its a cover of psquare's beautiful onyinye, this cover is an original song written, arranged and mixed by me.



lucky one

hey psquare how far na?

The girl i wan marry

her name na you, you you! Okay.


Iye iye iye e

Iye e iye iye e

Iye iye iye e

Onyinye eh e e

Mama mo oh oh o o

Iye e

What a beautiful onyinye e e e

Iye e e


First saw her at the new school library

thank God my boy @shuta had her I.D

looking so fly like the birds her lineage

this girl she must me blindness

'cos you covered my eye, covered my mind, covered my climate

and i could only see stars, you so angelic, can't be a primate

she likes fringe hairstyle, got a dark skin, cat eyes

my best ever gift for Christmas and shawty came in a box

took i by surprise

her swag is a pilot, couldn't near you

so i stepped into position from the rear view

couldn't crash no, no bellview

young love, baby face pass teju

loving this sickness that we have

and i don't wanna go to a rehab

danced on gravel, something like dipp

then stepped on a diamond and tripped

i'm falling in her world so please don't catch me

this banking girl must bank me

and if the safe too small, take my heart before these other girls kidnap me

i'll be the papi, you'll be the mami

when we born tata, i'll clean up her napkin

they say other girls too set, but girl na you be my movie director

you ain't gotta put on no mary k,

i'll be joseph, just play mary ok?

wishes came through since B.O.B came

so i wish that we both stay insane

took a while but i knew her

and not enough courage but i woed her

my childhood love from a distance

could she be my reason for existence

got words but i couldn't make a sentence

she loves tana, so i couldn't do without pens

i crush on you, no fanta

and i'm giving you my heart, no santa

we can never fall apart like things

love so proteinous like beans

we go win titled; enyimba

i'm the king of your heart like simba

other boys firewood me i timber

they just wanna act we like binta

we so hot, other couples in winter

yeah lucky one and she, gyal they can't seperate we

birds of a feather, mehn you know how it is




Guy!!!! You are good

Thanks bro

Amazing stuff bruv.... Feels like yesterday

Thanks bruh

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Great rhymes bro you killed it. Thanks for playing

Thanks bro

This is nice man... but check for some typo errors.
I like the song.

Great one Mr @peepey. You got the style