The multidimensional K'Nero along side with QUESTION MARK DANCE CREW entertains you with one of our dance videosteemCreated with Sketch.

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Still on the entertainment, am back again with my dance crew #QuestionMark in full force this time around ....
Here is one of our performance in a church program..... I told you that we don't only dance for the fun but our mission is to put smiles on your faces (viewer).....

The dance crew is just a few months old but everyone wants to be part of it to change life through music/entertainment with the power of steem.. Talented dancers both boys and girls showcasing their dancing skills for your watching pleasure.
#QuestionMark Dance crew members started dancing from their different homes and now we are taking it to the streets, cities, countries, nations and to the world at large with the power of steem. So many persons from my region don't believe that one can make from dancing but I believe that I and my crew will make it in life with our dancing skills......
I am a multidimensional artiste, i sing, i dance, i act, i draw, i create and i can do everything by the Power of God. I believe nothing is impossible for God to do... Some people are looking down on me but i pray someday, same people will look up to me and i will still be the one to help them... So help me God

Sit back and relax
#QuestionMark dance crew and D'Multi Talented K'NERO @iykeconero SF5 are here to always put smiles on your face..


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