haw to create Haldua and Barfi of Chola Dal

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Pulses are delicious and nutritious. Make them in different festivals. Cholara Dal Haluya and Barfi. It is a very familiar food in our country



1/2 kg of gram flour
Milk, 2 cups of liquid
Sugar 1 kg
Cinnamon, 2 cm 3 pieces
Amalicha 4
Rose water 2 teaspoons
Ghee 3/4 cups
Fulcrum powder milk 1/2 cup
Eating Lemon Yellow Color - A little bit in need
Saffron - will
Pasteabadam Kuchi



Step 1

Wash your pickle dal. Boil in water underwater. Guess the water in such a way that the pulp is boiled and the pulses are wet with water.
Step 2

Bake the milk with a little bit of milk or blender in the mixer.
Step 3

Ghee in handlooms. Reduce the hedge from the stove and mix it with pulses, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon. Rubbing through the stove Give saffron and rose water.
Step 4

If the color is pale, fill the color of a little lemon drink. Stay in halua khaasa. Sprinkle powder with milk powder. Haluu together with the shackles, but to stay in the slopes. Pour it on the big plate and make it equal. After being cold, Halua was well-formed after being cold.


Chola Dal Dalapi Barfi

Step 1

Cook 1 cup of sugar in Halua recipe and cook Halwa with pistachios, almonds.
Step 2

After burning halwa for ice, keep burning constantly.
Step 3

Pour down on the bottom of the pot and pour oil or greased tray.
Step 4

Balloon with four cone thickness of 2 cm thick.
Step 5

Keep the air open. Cut ice cream in a little cold. If you open 1 day, then get better.

They look lovely! Do you have a recipe for picked dal? I haven't seen it here. I love that you used weight measurements, too. Thanks!

you are wellcome thAanks for watching this recipe

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