Knowing SteemKitchen issue no 14 : Interview with @immanuel94

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Knowing SteemKitchen Interview with a member of the SteemKitchen community.

Hello friends of Steemit, today we continue our article series in our community, Knowing SteemKitchen.

For the big family @steemkitchen is a pleasure to present today our interview, in this opportunity accompanies us, the creator of one of the Dapps of Steem, made for those who like us love the kitchen, It is for us an honor to introduce you to @immanuel94, accompany us to know more about him and his project @dtaste.

1 Who's @immanuel94, how did you find Steem and how long on the platform?

I'm @immanuel94, i found steemit by a youtuber who i know trough Minecraft, his name is @kavaeron. I really liked the idea behind a blockchain based content database, also the opportunity of having free transactions blew my mind a year ago, where i had to pay almost 30 USD for a fast ETH transactions at peak. I would really like to add pictures but i decided to don't reveal any pictures of me, since i really don't like being traced down by google images or any other face learning AI.

2 Where are you from and what do you do?

I come from Germany, I currently live in a town in lower bavaria called Passau. Currently, i'm working in a restaurant which serves frozen and reheated food to tourists, not that kind of restaurant you would like to go and eat. =D Besides that, i'm currently experimenting with some ideas i had, like DTaste, a minecraft server based on the steem blockchain and some other tools and things i don't want to share right now. :P

3 Who / What led you to our community?

@freetissues contacted me if i would like to corporate with steemkitchen. I really liked the approach and that he contacted me, steemkitchen seems like a very kind and nice community i have to say. =)

4 Do you have some kind of favorite kitchen??

I really like all kinds of food, but i'm really into austrian food, they have so many delicous things... <3

5 What do you like most about this community?

I like the picks of the week, where i can look what's been the best things people posted this week. Also i like that there are many people on steemkitchen but also on steem who post recipes and foodblogs.^^

6 What is your favorite food style and why?

I like all kinds of salad, i like the freshness of it and it also makes me feel happy. =)

7 What is your favorite dish you cook for family and friends?

Currently, i'm busy as hell, i really would like to cook something for family and friends, but time is most of the time the problem to make it possible. But if i have to cook something, i always try to make food which is easy to cook, like a big pizza which people can then cover with their own favorite topping.

9 Share with us your introduceyourself post or a post you loved writing.

I haven't created a introduceyourself post, since i know this is on a blockchain, i try to be very careful what i post here and if it is really necessary. I made some mistakes in the past with revealing private informations and don't want to repeat that. =D Most of the time i post something about Minecraft, I'm running a minecraft server since 2010 and love doing this but running a minecraft server is harder than it looks like, there is much work involved and also a reason why i'm busy sometimes... :3 If you want, you can look up some of my posts, every sunday, we have a contest running for now more than 5 years, where people build to a specific topic, here is how the results look like, if you're into this kind of content:

10 What led you to create @dtaste?

If I have an idea, I want to try it out. Some things work better, some haven't success. @DTaste was a idea i had in august of this year, i wanted to create a unique recipe site where people can post, share, collect and review recipes together and get rewards for it.

Creating a platform like this takes much time, especially if you don't know JavaScript or other programming languages very well. That means i learned the languages since august this year and created DTaste along with it.
This means, there are many flaws on the site i wouldn't do today anymore. It is a experiment to look how it could look like and also to see what people think about it. And thats what led to to create @dtaste.
I wanted to know if people would like this kind of site. There are already many wordpress plugins and also blogging directly trough other steem frontends.

I think that there are many people who might be interested into @dtaste and i think it would be great to further go into developing this or even better, recreate it.

I'm also looking forward to see what @srecipes is doing and when they launch, since i think that they have some skilled people who could do it way better than me.

Tell us a little about Dtaste, and how you see its future projection inside the blockchain steem

Currently, I want to apologize that there is no progress at DTaste being made. But I didn't expected that actual people are interested into the platform DTaste and I didn't created a plan what should happen next. There are some people interested into creating recipes and blogs on steem but the community is still not big enough to dedicate a big amount of time into developing DTaste, the crypto markets are low and I also lost much of my investments, in this bear market, which means i can't dedicate much time into developing, because I'm very slow, since I still learn how to do specific tasks. =D

I would also like to make DTaste available for everyone trough open source, that way, others could also improve the site or create a even better site.

As the time goes on, there should come new opportunities for DTaste and also for steemians to earn. Like ads using dclick with an ad-sense like system could help everyone and also push the project forward by sharing the revenue with creators and users.

We've seen that you have other projects, in Steem, Tell us a little Minecraft

I'm playing Minecraft for now 8 years and i really like it. But i have to say, the last time i really played Minecraft is 7 years ago. Since then I'm running a commercial Minecraft server located in germany where people can play on and have fun. Since I'm into crypto, i felt like it would be super nice to give the people also the opportunity to get some cryptos while playing Minecraft. Now, this is the only Minecraft server where people can earn STEEM while playing a game like Minecraft. Because I disappointed my community quite often for delayed games and new features, I simply have to now go further into creating new Minecraft features on my Minecraft server first before recreating DTaste. I invested so much time into this server that I can't let it go and it has simply more priority for me right now.

Do you want to say something to the community, at this time when many have left and the currency has gone down?

Keep strong people, do not sell your steem, keep it! You probably don't have much to loose and you might be angry about yourself. Support your favorite steemians, even if you're not active, use steemauto to support them automaticly. If you don't really know who you want to support, you can also join the @steemkitchen trail on steemauto.

Now, i hope you keep on steeming, even if the prices are low.

Have a great day,



Another creative and interesting lad of our @steemkitchen !