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Greetings Lords & Ladies,

we just want to announce that the first SteemKnights Patch 0.9.1 will be released on Wednesday 2nd October 16:30 UTC. Our server will be shutdown around this time so stay with us in our Discord for any notifications.

For players who downloaded from the playstore: Please notice that the playstore version will be available some days later because of uploading issues. Please go for the direct APK download on our website.

As mentioned in our previous post the update will include:

  • fixing overlaying UI elements
  • added reset positioning button after King/Trap placement
  • reducing disconnect bugs
  • general server hotfixes
  • minor client fixes
  • added new Lobbies ( 3 Steem and 5 Steem )

Thanks to all of you that made bug / glitch reports and feature requests. We hope the big ones will be done with this patch.

Have fun and Steem on!

For Steem we fight!

🚀 Who is fivefingergames GmbH?
🏰 What is SteemKnights?
▶️ Trailer
📜 To the Website
📧 Discord


Hey guys, will a Mac version or iOS one be available soon? @steemknights

Hi @bafi!

yes there will be. We try to bring it out soon.


You managed to create an attractive economy and financial incentive right from the beginning; I can’t stress enough how important is this for a BlockChain game.
Very good job, guys; I’ll definitely keep an eye and participate in it. It’s so easy to be profitable with it... Resteemed.

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PLaying on browser no longer available?

Hi @pardinus,

currently we do have technical problems with the web version of the game therefore it's not available at the moment.
We are however working with full speed on a solution!
Until then you can still play with the windows or android version :)

For Steem we fight!

I downloaded the game, i started playing it for free, but unfortunately no one was playing and i had to wait for a long time, before i quit. So please add some simulation to allow the newcomers to play for free, to practice. Also there is no option to close the game, it would be helpful if you guys could make one.

Hi @shreyansh,

currently we do not have a simulation mode, however if you join our Discord you can post in the search-match channel and most certainly one of our players will come back to you :)

For Steem we fight!

Hey, there seems to be sn issue. Every time I download the app but this happens when installing


Hi @ange.nkuru

actually that's a bug I do have with my phone too. But with all apps I install.
For me it always helped to uninstall the old version first. Maybe you can try that? :)

For Steem we fight!

I can't log in because it says the app is not up to date, but where can I find it to update? Please notice this guys..

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Hi @mrnightmare89,

Just go to and click on play now. There you can download the new version :)

For Steem we fight!

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When will be the iOS app be available?

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