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Greetings Lords & Ladies,

Silence wandered through the kingdoms of SteemKnights but the fights aren't over yet. The kind battle generals have decided to reward their Lords & Ladies generously. But everything has its price. To get rewarded each one of you has to fight fierce battles full of pain and fear. Prove yourself on the battlefield against other opponents and rise on the leaderboard. The higher you get the more you will be rewarded.

For more information check out our recent post.

Here is sneak peak to our new leaderboard on the website:

Honorable Mentions

Additionally we decided to add more ranks to the previous announced leaderboard. The so called "honorable mentions".

Lord of MisfortuneMost steemed games lost1 SBI Share
Lord of GamesMost games played1 SBI Share
Lord of CautionMost free games1 SBI Share
Lord of EmblemsMost Knight Emblems1 SBI Share
Lord of KnightsMost referred user this day1 SBI Share

The brawl will start at 20:00 UTC.

So get your knights and be prepared for the battle!

For Steem we fight!

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🏰 What is SteemKnights?
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Nice work guys.
That's a cool incentive and SBI is the perfect reward for those committed to the platform!

Grats on the update, and the new leader board with additional ranks!

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