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Greetings Lords & Ladies,

the Battle Generals are proud to announce that a new Patch was released today. The Patch 0.9.3 contains new functionality and gameplay stabilization.

Here is a small overview of the new features:

  • "Exit Game" Button (mainly for windows)
  • Windows Installer is now available
  • "Accept Game"-Mechanic: before a game starts it must be accepted by both players. If a player rejects or waits too long for the acceptance (90 sec) the game result in a draw.
  • The players can now skip a turn without moving
  • We are now displaying the moves left until draw without fighting (if there are only 15 turns left)
  • We have extended our settings UI. The player can now switch between window mode and fullscreen and the resolution can now be adjusted as well. (Note: we have a small known bug in the tutorial with 4:3 resolutions)
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Minor stabilization fixes

We hope the new patch is bringing even more fun to the game. So grab your phone, tell your friends and play together!

For Steem we fight!

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You say “grab your phone”, but you didn’t release the iPhone version yet; funny...

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi @cryptoeera,

a little more patience and we will finish the iOS version. :) Apple is not that developer friendly as you may know :)

Best regards

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