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Greetings Lords and Ladies,

today we bring just some small announcements to you.

Pre-Register Bonus Announcement

We wanted to emphasize some detail we already posted yesterday. Some of you may have noticed already but we added a small campaign to our game release which rewards every user who starts the journey with us!

There are only two things to do to take place in this campaign:

1. Register before the official release on 28th of September 2019
2. Deposit 5 Steem before 10 am UTC on launch day ( In your profile section on our website )


You may wonder "what is this reward they speak of?!"

If you have completed the two steps above you will be rewarded with an additional Queens Blessing ( 20% Knight Emblem boost for 3 days! ). For further information about blessings and how profitable they are read this post.

No worries, every user registered by now will get the reward as well.

Take place in our Promo Steemmonsters Tournament!

There are still some hours left to join our Steemmonsters Tournament! You can find all information in this post.


We hear you - monitor your loyal footmen

Some of you requested the feature to list the players who followed your call to SteemKnights. We have spared no cost and effort to make this possible as fast as we can. That means you can now check both your referred users and who has referred you in your profile overview. Maybe you can get in touch on our Discord and thank each other.


That is all from us for today. Have fun and Steem on.

For Steem we fight!

🚀 Who is fivefingergames GmbH?
🏰 What is SteemKnights?
▶️ Trailer
📜 To the Website


greetings, @steemknights

excelent. I made a post about this nice game now!!!

thank you

Awesome, seeing who we referred is a big help for affiliates. I joined you SM game I just need to remember to play it :)

I wish you success with your game.

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This link is broken

just deposited 5 steem. can't wait for the game

Hi @ericet,

thanks for noticing! The link is fixed now.

just deposited 5 steem. can't wait for the game

Great! 😊

For Steem we fight!

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On your site it says deposit 10 STEEM but here it says 5 STEEM. Is this two different bonuses ?

I already have a 20% bonus. Do I get an added bonus for the deposit or is the deposit a second way to get the 20% I already have ?

We have discussed 10 STEEM before, but ultimately decided to make it 5 STEEM.
We will fix the website asap!

There are 2 Blessings to be had:

  • First use a referral link to login.
  • Second deposit at least 5 Steem before the launch.

If you have done both you will have 6 blessed days 😉

For Steem we fight!

Do you guys plan to integrate the Steem Keychain browser extension? It will make it much easier and more seamless experience for a lot of people. You can find more details here:

Hello @yabapmatt,

We do plan to integrate it in the future!
I also made a slightly long comment on why we haven't added it in yet.

In the future (to solve that problem for steemknights and other gaming/mobile apps) we want to develop our own open-source mobile wallet. And I think steemmonsters could profit from this, too :)
So let's discuss this possibility some time!


FYI there is a mobile Steem wallet that has an embedded browser which supports the steem keychain APIs, it's called "Steem Wallet" and it's available in the iOS and Android app stores.

Can't wait guys so excited.
Awesome that you added the referrals part also!

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