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RE: SteemKnights - How the Rewardsystem works

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Explain, please

First as mentioned above every user who used a referral link to register will get a Queen's Blessing for free.
Secondly every player who pre-registered before the 28th of September 2019 and has deposited at least 5 Steem until 10 am UTC to will get an additional Queen's Blessing.

So it will be "Queen's Blessing for free" - what period?

and "additional Qeen's Blessing" will summarize to the previous "free" ?

Will it be 20% + 20% = 40% Knights Emblems?


Hi @vicaaciv,

these are good points, thanks for asking!

Every Blessing is valid for 3 days and Blessings don't stack their effect.

If you have 2 Queens Blessings you will have 6 days with a 20% bonus.
If you got 1 Blessing and you already used it for 1,5 days and you purchase another one you will than have 4,5 days of blessings left.

Note: Blessings that were rewarded/bought before the launch will start at the launch so it's safe to already buy them.

Hope that clarifies things, I will update the post accordingly.

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