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RE: Introducing Steem Leagues | Earn Steem By Participitating In Steem Based Cricket Leagues | Bidding Team Is Now Only 5 SBD

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I always find your posts refreshful and immaculately clean of the contrived eagerness of some Steemit advocates and honestly filled with genuine enthusiasm. I also appreciate the deeper, more open-minded and philosophical way you look at things and your passion for truth.


Sigueme y te sigo gracias!!

Sigueme y te sigo gracias!!

I actually agree with you on your comment but I will want us to be aware that close to 50percent steemians know little or nothing about cricket and due to this reason,I will like to direct my question to @anonian that what plans does he has in making every interested steemians know much about this cricket game?....Also, in a case where much of those interested in the game can't afford 20sbd,what happens, do you have any backup plan for that?

Okay; cool to hear that🎩

Okay... Nice response from [email protected]

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