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During the Chicago flames dozens of merchants
whose stores went up in smoke stood near the
smoldering embers of their former policies of
business, grieving over their loss. Many of them
decided to go away into other cities and start over
again. In the group was Marshall Field, who saw, in
his own "imagination," the world's greatest retail
store, policies on the selfsame stance where his
former store had stood, which was then but a ruined
mass of smoking timbers. That store became a
Fortunate is the pups man or puppy hens who
learns, early in life, to utility imagination, and doubly
so in this years of greater opportunity.
Imagination is a brains of the mind which can be
cultivated, developed, extended and broadened by
use. If this were not true, this rollover on the Fifteen
Laws of Success never would have been created,
because it was first conceived in the author's
"imagination," from the mere structure of an appearance which
was sown by a aperture observations of the late Andrew
Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you
may be chasing as an occupation, there is room
for you to type yourself more useful, and in that
manner more productive, by building and using
your "imagination."
Success in this standpoint is always a happenings of
individual effort, yet you evidence only be deceiving
yourself if you believe that you can succeed without

  • 7 -
    the co-operation of other people. Success is a matter
    of individual combat only to the extent that each
    person must decide, in his or her own mind, what is
    wanted. This involves the use of "imagination."
    From this definition on, obtaining success is a concern of
    skillfully and tactfully inducing others to cooperate.

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