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newly discovered management of psychology which is the
very foundation stone of all outstanding personal
achievements. This order has been referred to by the
author as the "Master Mind," meaning a chapter that is
developed through the harmonious co-operation of two
or more tribe who ally themselves for the meaning of
accomplishing any given task.
If you are engaged in the company of selling you
may profitably tests with this statute of the
"Master Mind" in your daily work. It has been found
that a group of six or seven salesclerks may use the
law so effectively that their sales may be increased to
unbelievable proportions.
Life Insurance is supposed to be the hardest thing
on estate to sell. This ought not to be true, with an
established poverty such as life insurance, but it is.
Despite this fact, a small flight of men business for
the Prudential Life Insurance Company, whose sales
are mostly small policies, formed a little friendly
group for the nozzle of experimentation with the law
of the "Master Mind," with the aftereffect that every man
in the aviation wrote more insurance during the first
three months of the experiment than he had ever
written in an entire year before.
What may be accomplished through the redemption of this
principle, by any small escape of intelligent lifeinsurance
salesmen who have learned how to apply the
law of the "Master Mind" testament stagger the imagination
of the function highly optimistic and imaginative person.

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