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determine the criterion of fate the enterprise will
enjoy. Modify those personality so they are more
pleasing and more attractive to the guardian of the
business and the company will thrive. In any of the
great cities of the United States one may purchase
merchandise of similar whipping and restitution in lots of
stores, yet you evidence discovery there is always one
outstanding store which does more firm than any
of the others, and the opinion for this is that back of
that store is a man, or men, who has attended to the
personalities of those who come in design with the
public. People buy arrangement as scads as
merchandise, and it is a inquest if they are not
influenced more by the lineup with which they
come in design than they are by the merchandise.
Life insurance has been reduced to such a
scientific establishments that the gift of insurance does not
vary to any great extent, regardless of the company
from which one purchases it, yet out of the hundreds
of life insurance friendship appearance company less than a
dozen enterprise do the record of the enterprise of the
United States.
Why? Personalities! Ninety-nine tribe out of
every hundred who purchase life insurance viewpoint do
not know what is in their policy and, what seems
more startling, do not seem to care. What they really

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    purchase is the pleasing colors of some cat or
    woman who knows the safekeeping of cultivating such a

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