Usain bolt vs tiger who will win ....

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The name tiger comes from Persian tigra which suggests something that is fast or sharp. i'd say that tigers qualify. they're ambush hunters and launch their initial attack at speed, however not for terribly long. Tigers square measure able to reach the speed of 49–65 km/h (30–40 mph) however solely briefly bursts. they'll maintain their prime speed for one hundred meters solely.

Usain Bolt is lighter than a tiger and might run one hundred meters in nine.58 seconds reaching a prime speed of forty four.74 km/h or twenty seven.8 mph. Also, I will guarantee you that if he had a tiger returning when him, he might continue running into ensuing country.

So, rough guesstimate, if Usain Bolt happened to be regarding fifty meters away to start with and took off the time unit he saw the cat, he may survive. however the tiger may leap for as long as thirty three feet that is around ten meters offer or take…so if it started with a charge at prime speed and finished with a leap….?


Interesting comparison :)