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RE: Introducing the Leo Bid Bot Sink! | Delegate & Earn Passive LEO Each Day + Help the Steemleo Community By Burning LEO Tokens

in #steemleolast year

Personally I see no issue with any bid bots. Anyone can use them so its fair game in my opinion. On top of that you should consider it as a post Promotion to get listed on trending pages etc. It all seems equal opportunity to me.


Thanks for your delegation and support, it means so much!

We have used bid bots a little, but maybe should consider using them more often. Just hate the stigma that's attached to utilizing them... but honestly, if you shouldn't use bid bots for promoting an actual community project that benefits Steem, then what should you use them for!?

You're welcome happy to do it and wish it was more :) Maybe soon at these steem prices lol.

I think bid bots just got a bad rep on steem with people throwing money at them. But the way its used for tokens I don't see an issue with its burning tokens so its costing you something to use it. Its a promotion but it really does not help your ranking on the tokenized site.

I think the biggest issue is steem just never did anything about anything lol and its just carrying over a bit to what we are now calling bidbots. Perhaps a sexier name needs to be made lol

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