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RE: PROJECT HOPE - few milestones and plans for the nearest future

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Hello my friend @crypto.piotr

The proposals you bring us are always good news.

You are absolutely right and I agree with you, each of us who belong to this community want our content to be more visible, and of course we want that for some occasion takes the place of trends.

It is an excellent proposal, the only thing we have to do is to continue sharing quality content and that someone else does the promotional work that is what we need.

Of course it's an excellent idea to pay a percentage of what you get in the publication, this way our content will get more visibility and of course more followers who will make in the future our content more visible.

The growth will be continuous for everyone who belongs to @project.hope and possibly attract more investors.

Good news...!!!


The proposals you bring us are always good news.

Thank you for your kind words @edgarare1 :)

I hope you don't mind that I would invite you to check out my latest post: FINALLY IT'S TIME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF AND SHARE MY VISION AND GOALS.

After 1.5 year on steemit, I decided to share my goals and vision and I'm interested with any feedback I can receive.


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