This is what I’m Seeing. It’s time to board the rocket ship 🚀

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The low is in. The bull has started. After called the past two bull markets and called 12k+ from below 1k. I am looking for a 5x move from recent highs. That is targeting $100k+. Bitcoin has shown patterns over the last 3 bull markets and are looking ripe to prove correct again.

Once it tops, it drops at least 80%, then rips more than 5X (conservatively) from recent highs. Get your popcorn 🍿 ready.

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Go go go!!!!

I don't know if it will get to $100,000, but I feel like it's on the road to new ATHs and I expect that by the end of 2021. Something like one year after halving. What's your time target for that $100k? is finite...and the majority of people don’t own any. We will be talking Satoshis at this point.

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How high do you thnik Steem will be if Bitcoin goes tk 100k?

$15-$25...but it’s just a straight guess. The moon is awkward a little further away than people think 🌝

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Heres to hoping 🍻

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