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RE: PROJECT HOPE - few milestones and plans for the nearest future

in #steemleolast year

Greetings @coach,piotr, I start by saying that I screwed up, I gave reesteem to the post unintentionally (since normally I give them first reesteem and then I read them) ... and I think you can not remove the reesteem, again a thousand apologies, it was not my intention 😅.

As for what you raise, sounds interesting, that you comment to put beneficiaries, I know that you can also do from thisem (at the time of publishing gives you the option to add people), of course if you already got support from people in steemleo, it would be better to act of good faith to use their clear platform.

I would be more than willing. Thank you for reading and again my apologies, it was not my intention (the reesteem), have a good day, evening or night.✌️


Thank you for your kind words @jjqf :)

Don't worry about this resteem buddy. not a big deal.

Cheers, Piotr