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RE: PROJECT HOPE - few milestones and plans for the nearest future

I like where you're going with this. Staying this course should inspire new ideas and liberate creator/writer independence. I know that being paid as a full time blogger, my education and experience can do so much more than my poverty level affords now. It is why I am here. I do not see opportunity outside of dChains (a word I invented a few weeks ago while writing for a client to differentiate between truly distributed blockchains and the types that IBM/Facebook are trying to sell to the public).


Dear @machnbirdsparo

I like where you're going with this

Please allow me to correct you. "WE ARE GOING WITH THIS" :) together. At least that's how I decided to see things.


I hope you don't mind that I would invite you to check out my latest post: FINALLY IT'S TIME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF AND SHARE MY VISION AND GOALS.

After 1.5 year on steemit, I decided to share my goals and vision and I'm interested with any feedback I can receive.


:) In America, sometimes WE (Communism vs. Independent states) is avoided like the plague. Depends how I feel. Also in America, if someone likes something you're doing- WATCH YOUR BACK :)
They want it. So, we were always heading the same way ->

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