First Pay out of Power down

in #steemleo11 months ago

I have received around 30 steem for the first part of my power down. I plan to use this to purchase premium in Holybread. I am not quite ready to transition from steem to hive tokenization. I just don't like the way the market it looking. If you want to join the game then click here

I am glad that I was able to lock in a slv position when the market dropped so low but now I need to use as much of my helicopter money as I can to add onto my position. The problem is that I am about to use some of the funds to reduce my expenses elsewhere. This is a hard place in life where we much rob peter to pay paul while trapped in the death = debt spiral.

There is some interesting news in the world today. I have not come in close contact with anyone that has covid symptoms. I am placing my bets that government response is going to be much worse than the actual emergency. The DOJ thinks now is a good time to suspend habeas corpus. I wonder if we would ever get it back.