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RE: PROJECT HOPE - few milestones and plans for the nearest future

in #steemleolast year

Hi @coach.piotr, I think it's not a bad idea to support that way. I will try to use the beneficiary in some of my next articles.
I also understand that some might think that 10% would be a quite better solution, to set up 10%, I agree with this. And someone could put 20% or even 30% if they wish, that is surely upon the user.
Is there any advantage to use steemleo frontend beside steempeak? I never tried steemleo (but I am using steempeak).


Hi @ritxi

I'm using steemleo to publish post, simply because few large LEO stakeholders are upvoting posts published on this platform. And some of those accounts have also decent amount of SP. That's about it.

Thx for your support buddy :)

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