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Is it that time yet?

What time you might ask. Well THAT time, I would say. That time in which our beloved selfish blockchain community suddenly wakes up to the realization that there is value to be had in owning and (dare I say it) actually STAKING an airdropped token.

Oh, that's right! I actually DO want that token!!

  • We are all "investors" are we not?
  • We all like to talk about "investing" do we not?
  • Most of our posts here will inevitably be about the price of things we like to "invest" in, are they not?

Maybe. Just maybe, we might want a dedicated community that likes to get rewarded for participating in conversations about "investing"....

And if that's truly the case... maybe we should NOT be fire-selling our influence in said airdropped platform token?

Just maybe.

If you disagree, please sell yours to me.

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It seems like some people are selling off again just like what happened with Palnet lol Their loss my gains I guess ?

I hear you, brotha. I just need to get home already so I can move some STEEM and buy this up already.

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Sounds like it's time to call out sick!

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Migration away from steem will soon be taking place to this various tribes

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