New MYX Network Token (On Uniswap) 新的MYX网络令牌(在Uniswap上)

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Just two days ago a new token was launched on Uniswap utilizing a brand new anti-scam technology that was licensed out from LID Dividends Protocol (LID). Their special presale tech locks liquidity into Uniswap liquidity pools so there will be no "rug-pull" of liquidity from the pool which can result in outrageous price crashes as we have seen.


By locking up funds, a mix of both ETH and the new MYX token, investors are guaranteed a safe and healthy start to market growth. Additionally early investors are distributed their presale tokens at a set rate per hour to prevent whales from crashing the prices and leaving buyers holding useless tokens. This has been a major problem with smart contract token sales lately.


LID Liquidity Pool tech solves many of the recent issues in this crypto space, do by licensing out this special software the MYX Network is at a huge advantage. Check out more information below: <- token contract <- where you stake the tokens

To find this token on Uniswap you simply enter the "contract address" into the enter token space.

Happy trading! Oh by the way this picture is from only 10 hours of yield farming today! Volumes were extremely high... but so were my rewards ($+765!!!)

LID流动池技术解决了该加密领域的许多最新问题,通过许可使用此特殊软件,MYX Network发挥了巨大的优势。在下面查看更多信息: <-代币合约 <-您在其中放置令牌的位置


交易愉快!哦,顺便说一下,这张图片是从今天的仅10个小时的丰产农业开始的!交易量非常高...但是我的奖励也是如此($ + 765 !!!)