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Hello beautiful and amazing friends and family of weku. It's quite a long time, but i haven't forgot nor left what i love best. The month is fast and so is the year rolling quite fast to an end, but one thing i know is that your month and year shan't end on a wrong note..

This story isn't mine, but belong to a friend of mine, which i came across on Instagram and i just decided to share it with all of us and we know that God isn't done with us, just like Peter Marshall said,

"Teach Me, O Lord The Discipline of Patient, For to Wait Is Quite Difficult Than To Work Hard"

Peter Marshall...

Yesterday I was at the ATM to get some cash because I dearly needed money. As I started to transact, the ATM showed me an inscription which said; Please insert your card.I did

And then another message popped up- Please enter your pin code. I did. And then another message came ...select the amount. I did that too. After I had done all this...the ATM showed me a message in BOLD letters


Allow me to say..when you have done all the things you can, you have prayed, you have fasted, you have even asked others to pray with you and for you but it seems as if nothing is happening in your life, wait patiently don't give up, don't move because your request is being processed.


Let me tell you ..What made me wait is because my card was already in the ATM, I had already entered my pin code. If I give up now and walk away..Lord have Mercy... The next person will get all that I had requested. Not because your messages aren't heard, not because your prayers are irrelevant, not because your fasting is meaningless..but because


Wait and murmur not. Do not think you were born to suffer.. Your prayers are being processed so Wait upon the Lord🙏

I Know it's not easy but I encourage you ..WAIT!!!...As it is in Isaiah 40:31- but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

And after a while, the result came out " CASH"" that brought smile to my face. After you have waited patiently, you will obtain the promise that will make you smile. #copied

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