Story Time with Steemit: Lord Percival the Magnificent

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Welcome to the next installment of Story Time with Steemit. Your host is Cap'n Swimbad, who will regale you with the tale of Lord Percival the Magnificent and his "Trek" to New Cowardonia. Again, many thanks to @geke for video production, although to be honest, she didn't really have to do anything because we filmed this in one take. Thank you @tremendospercy and @gmuxx for your characters and to @sirknight for creating the Steemlords phenomenon.

To read Lord Percival's story directly, click here and give @tremendospercy some steem love.

And now, on with the show!

Also, I'm excited to share one of @bearone's cool Steemlord wallpapers, just because they're so cool-looking. Goes well with a pirate story.


LOL I'm crying! Keep up the good work!! :D

I love this. I'd be brilliant if you could intertwine all of the different stories together into 1 large story. At least 3 or 4 of the storytellers bounce off each other to bring a commonthread to the stories.

Avast ye Cap'n Windbag, verily a Magnificent rendition of the second part of the story of Lord Percival.
Choosing the 'Mighty Shat's' voice was a stroke of genius, although he wasn't so happy.

Keep it going Jim, nice work.
And thanks for the mention and links.

I was going to stick to characterizations but hey, sometimes ya feel like a Shatner. Something coming in the next couple of days I think your going to like! Thanks for the feedback and you're welcome of course your majesty

I love Bill Shatner, the greatest living Canadian!
I've got plenty in the bag buddy. Hope you enjoy reading them, they're fun to write.

Another great retelling. I'm sure @tremendospercy will love this!

You mean to say that there's going to be more from @jimitations Muxxy?

What fun! This has got to be the best thing I've run into on Steemit so far.

Mostly because it's something both my roomy and myself can enjoy together.

I know she's going to love this as much...likely more than my reading Percy's series.

Keep on steem'n on! ✌️

Thank you for reading this, it was great! You bring a whole new dimension to steemlords.

I'm interested to know how many takes it took though, for you not to be laughing.

I got all the larfs out of the way during read -through. one take, ask geke

Ah, that makes sense.

This was outstanding!

Will be sure to share this with my roomy when she get's home from dialysis.
I had been reading her these adventures from my friend Percy earlier today.

She's going to love you @jimitations, I can't hold a candle to you...
...but a mug-o-mead is lifted to you sir...good show!

UV/RS and followed!

Why thank you! that's great praise. one tankard of ale hoisted to you!

The great and eternal bardian pour.
You've earned it Captain! Keep'm com'n. };-)>

Fabulous!! Resteemed, upvoted and shared to Percy :) Thanks for following Steem Lords!

Yayyyyyyy!!! i appreciate it

Hahahaha, funny captain :D

Arrrrrghhhhh! to you sirruh!

This is so great, so fun to hear the stories come to life in this voice.

"Captain Swimbad"! XD Haha that was another great storytime :D

I am Groot! :D

Thanks for the heads UP and the shout OUT @choogirl! I'm putting @geke on the task of choosing the next #steemlords tale for Story Time. Should be another one up soon!

jajaja nice! i upvoted you!

PD: for all steemians on this post... follow me and i follow you bros! :D

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