New project, Ironman helmet just started

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I feel very unproductive recently, the best way to fight that is starting new project. Here is the helmet I 3d printed on my 2 machines. It is made in sections and all glued using glue from previous post. now the most time consuming stage, sanding and filling. it will take days to finish it but always wanted full scale Ironman parts. If it works fine, next will be arm and chest so I can have bust. I am planning to make him weathered and battle damaged. will keep you updated and write about painting process here in a while. The stl was from facebook ironman builders group. printed with 0.3mm layer height. I am testing casting resin as a filler for layer lines. so far it worked very well with faceplate.

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Looking good !

I'm kind of on a design hiatus because I'm very late on Finishing my Internship presentation (it's for the 13th XS) and also because my migo 3d printer got delayed to end September / beginning October 😢

I have to say... winning that design competition and having to wait 9 months to get the prize was unexpected 😅😅

How did you get your very first printer? Specifically for a project or because it sounded interesting ?

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9 months? I hope it will still be good enough product. I see it is small, I want something much bigger now.
I built my first printer from parts sourced from ebay, used first printrbot as a base but enlarged it for bigger bed size. It was first mistake, because it became very wobbly. I had a lasercutter at home so I cut my own parts. It was so many troubles with it, but learned a lot and since than, less affraid of building more difficult things. After that almost converted it to ultimaker, but did not work because of my innacuracies. Than I built delta but could not configure it correctly. then bought first CTC and started using printer instead of fixing one :)

Well, they had to make the printer first after all.

Although the ones who accepted a kickstarter preorder as a prize for their design competition really should have thought twice about it in my opinion.
I wonder how the 3rd prize winner is living the eternal wait ?

Maybe he has forgotten he's even won something by now 😂

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what did you design to win it? Is it your first printer? its tiny. I would have to split this helmet to 30 pieces to print it there :)

I designed a Christmas tree decoration, specifically a snowflake

And yes its going to be my very first printer.

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Good job. Simple but effective. Congratulations. I see you also added Steem flavour to it :) I hope you will get your printer fast and start using it. Want to see what will you create with it.

That's looking legit! I just built a 3d printer recently

You built one from scratch? Thats great!. I started with building my first 2 printers but later bought ready made CTC because I was tired fixing the printer instead of building other stuff. I still have all the components and sometimes tempted to build big machine with 500x500mm bed size.

Looks like your method is the way to go. Keep it up!

What material is this made from? and i can see there is some 3D printed parts?

It is 3d printed in PLA

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