Steem Monitor - Mobile app to monitor Steem blockchain is now open-sourced...

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I just joined steemit & I'm still trying to figure everything out. Should I be registered on this block chain thing? What if anything do I use to keep my steem in and how do I even use it? I have no laptop so I cannot do much on here yet but I'm just waiting till this app on my phone can simply let me upload video or images without just going to the esteem screen every time & failing. I'm sure its my older lg volt phone mostly but I wish I could record video right from the app & post thats all..Even using mobile browser doesn't work for anything but text either. Sorry I'm off topic and all over the place but that drives me nuts even though I do like the twitter feel for myself lol I'd love to add an image or video to a post eventually thats all :P

You might want to check out this post: for more details.
As for app, it is still in beta and constantly working on improvements. In future you might see video uploads as well. But right now only photo upload is added.

Yeah I'm not so concerned with it it'd be nice if I could upload just Audio even, just I can't even use the image upload unless I have an image URL I think..I'll check out that link. It just sucks having to link to say YouTube for a short video instead when I don't want to post that video to YouTube at all lol

Right on! This is great news. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Wow , this is awesome will keep track of this now ! Voted you as Witness

thanks ;) Let me know if you have anyone willing to contribute for next version updates, now that is open-source any contribution is welcome to app.

What is voting for a witness?

great stuff! will this help with ddos attacks (i.e. does the app go directly to the blockchain in case were down?)

Yes it does, app connects to any websocket of choice and uses that to fetch data

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