Steem Monster Giveaway #1

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My Steem Monster Journey Going Pretty Well. I Am At Diamond League And The Season Going To End Very Soon. I Would Like To Giveaway One Common Card To A Lucky Winner.

All You Have To Do İs Upvote And Follow

And Guess Who Win This SM Game.

Hazem91 or AyKaCo

Winner Will Be Selected After Post Pay Out By Random Selector



Bet the result is already out

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@hazem91 for the win. Nothing can stop that golum/sof team!

aykaco will win

I think Aykaco would win, purely based on his cards.

@hazem91 will win. You put your Haunted Spirit second in the lineup, meaning it can't attack until your Lord of Darkness is dead, while his can attack every round. Good cards, but I think hazem has the advantage there.

I’m going with @aykago because overall health is hire and his haunted spirit can regenerate

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