Chance to win untamed pack💥💥

in #steemmonster2 years ago (edited)

There is awesome contest going on, anyone can win untamed pack.
1.Just click the Twitter link and vote for DEC
2.Take a screenshot
3.Send it to telegram


There are 2 contests going on! One is in Telegram to win some of the 10K DEC prize pool contest by mehmet - simply drop your screenshot anytime before the 17 hours are up -showing you voted in Telegram to get a chance to win some of the DEC. Join Telegram here-

The next contest is to drop your screenshot in my Steem post - you will have a chance to win one of 10 Untamed packs with potions I am giving out! Look on my Steem wall here for details as 3Speak is still rendering my video right now!

The last way is to join Discord and get a chance to win an Untamed pack and potions every few hours today! Have your screenshots ready and when I announce the next one - the first 2 showing on Discord will win!
Join Discord here-