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RE: Steem Monsters alpha release! A collectible trading card game with RPG elements comes alive on the Steem Blockchain!

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currently there is no limit to production, but one of the things that will alter their value is the desire to level faster. People will combine like cards to make higher level versions. it will certainly induce some card scarcity.


Hey @aggroed, thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate it. Yeah, desire to level faster will definitely create a scarcity effect and also the rarity of pulling a legendary in a booster, for example, would give it some value anyway, since someone could pay a portion of what they'd expect the amount of packs it would take to get a legendary would be to buy that legendary directly. I think that if legitimate scarcity can be induced though (Just my two cents of course), it would become a more popular collectible (like MTG, YuGiOh, blockchain example being cryptokitties). with MTG/Yugioh, for example, eventually stopping printing a given set and then going to a new, so past sets then are scarce. cryptokitties approach being randomization and creating super unlikely odds of specific 'mixing'/'breeding' for certain cryptokitties. As a huge fan of trading card games (grew up playing MTG, Yugioh, and DBZ), I'm really really excited to see it moving onto a blockchain and, more importantly, the Steem Blockchain, and I think this will be an awesome opportunity to grow the blockchain community and pull new people in.

and it doesn't even necessarily have to be rare cards. for example, the utility of a common may show itself as crucial to certain battling strategies, so if there was some scarcity there, a common card might end up becoming extremely valuable for trading with people/selling on the marketplace once the set is no longer printed. :)

I plan to, once tournaments, battling, marketplace etc. are up, to bring this up with the owner of the most popular comic book shop/trading card shop in New Hampshire (USA), who I know since I grew up playing there. I hope to pull more people in, introducing them to the blockchain and also bringing more hype to this new style of game. Very cool stuff!

I look forward to playing!

I could cut a deal with a shop to deliver a lot of card packs to them at a discount and they could sell.

Yeah, that might be something I can help arrange. Do you have a contact email for the site? I'm imagining people with tablets sitting at the gaming table and battling each other! and they would want to buy from the comic shop since they can get them a bit cheaper because of the discount! :)


Is it possible to make them rarer and rarer? So lets say a legendary appear in 1 of every 50 packs now. What if that number decreases in time. Each time someone finds a certain legendary (or rare) card the chance of finding it again decreases. Yay-found it, now the chance is 1 in every 51 pack. Next time someone finds it, it will appear in 1 in every 52 pack.

If the cards are basically infinite I don't see the investor value...I just bought a bunch because I took for granted that they were in limited edition..kind of dissapointed. Even though I love the project, looks cool and In was almost addicted - but knowing that the cards are in unlimited supply sort of turned me off a little bit.

Yeah, I second @scandinavianlife's thoughts on the matter. You're right that the 'speed' that people want to get to certain levels at will influence value of cards/create a scarcity 'effect', when it comes down to it, some eventual literal scarcity would be hugely beneficial to the value of the cards and the incentive for people to get more and more and treat them as a collector's item like other trading cards are. :)

also, is your code public, by chance, or is it not currently? I'm just so interested in this that I want to be as in the know as possible!

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