So... we have a $10k market day in Steem Monsters land and I maxed leveled all my commons finally

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Thanks to one Mr. @haejin we were able to pull off a $10k market transaction day. Gold foil legendaries sold between $1-2k today. He's still in the market for a Selenia Sky from what I can tell. There's a few thousand dollars waiting for someone there that has it. Sorry bud, mine isn't for sale!

Max Level Common Foils

I also max leveled all my cards. I had all but three commons maxed. As it turns out it's the three that people were hoarding, but @positive-trail hooked me up. Bought 50 commons of every type for 60 sbd and did that twice. I'm confidant that by years end we'll have a card delegation model so that investors can rent out cards to players. So, I'm stacking up on cards and looking forward to playing some and renting out a ton.

Turns out that right now there's only enough common cards in the game for 138 people to have maxed decks when the game starts. Considering there are around 2000 people playing chances are you won't have enough. Might want to figure that out before we release stats and fighting...

Brushing my gold shoulders off

So, maxxing my common foil cards is now on top of having every gold card in the game.

It hurts my eyes to see that much shiny legendary gold in one spot...

A few days ago I could have thought about maxing out all but the gold legendaries... now I think that's out of reach. Gonna have to grind it out methinks.

Looking for reps

Anyway, Steem Monsters is cruising along. I'm open to some higher rep Asia based people that would like to talk to their peers about this game. we could use someone that speaks Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (can be three people). If you're interested and would like a gig where we give you packs to hand out to new players then hit me up in Discord. Pay is weak but the work is fun and you get mega cool points with everyone. You're like the drug dealer handing out free drugs!

Game Jam

We have our game jam starting on Saturday. I'm hoping for some pretty cool stuff. We'll see what you all create. If you're a game creator please check out

Sneaky Contest

Finishing my whole deck feels like a big deal to me. Type "Monster Maverick" in the comments below and upvote and resteem this post. You're in a drawing for 100 booster packs on me (from aggroed money, not steemmonsters money).


Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick

Awesome game ;)

i've been trying to wrap my brain around how a delegation model could work because they're individually owned JSON ... i guess it would have to happen on the steemmonster side where you allow a card delegated to fight on someone else's team in the meantime be owned by another account.

The JSON calls denote who owns the card. just create a separate JSON call to indicate delegation and undelegation of a card. If a user owns a card or has access to a delegated card, they are allowed to play it as if it's their own card.

The game isn't built yet, so it's easy enough when you're building someone's deck just look for owned and delegated card.

I have been thinking about this myself jarvie and have come to the conclusion that you need to implement it in the steem monsters protocol - and that needs to be done on the steem monsters side.

There would be one way how this could be done on a user level, which is by using a trusted middleman, who takes a security for the cards and than lends them to the person to whom it is supposed to be delegated. If the card is then not returned in time you would get the money instead. But this is ot really delegation but more of a pawn shop for monsters…

"Monster Maverick" When I maxed out my regular non Gold Steem Monster cards a month ago, I was so excited!! Congrats on yours! It is an exciting day!!!

Monster Maverick
Hope one day i can have my common maxed out. I have only 1 card maxed out(its a rare)!

"Monster Maverick"

Awesome job on getting a major new player! And terrific job on your card deck!

Congrats big man

Monster maverick

Monster Maverick

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Monster Maverick

Incredible job to max your commons~!

Monster Maverick!

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Monster Maverick

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I've seen the game since it was started. I follow most of what is happening around here when i can but never got drawn into it. I joined the discord to try and get more background to it but for some reason its one of the few things on here that never got me hooked. Maybe i've just missed the buzz behind it but it seems like you have hit a big achievement in the levels so well done on that score.

Who knows I might get addicted yet but any project on here that's moving can only be a good thing.

Monster Maverick
Good job this game is about to get some of my money for sure. I bought a bit but want more.

Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick
10k ? omg, congrats

"Monster Maverick"

Monster Maverick. Upvotes and resteemed! Thanks! 😁

gratz ! XD

Welcome to the max deck club!

Monster Maverick

"Monster Maverick"

Thanks for doing this @aggroed.

"Monster Maverick"

I will just have to be satisfied building my decks through game play I guess. We will see.The rules so far look like it will not give to significant an advantage to a fully loaded deck, and there is always chance and luck when it comes to cards. Also looks like there may be some good strategy angles to play.

Monster Maverick

Thanks for the market watch/trend/stat info.

A big congrats to you @aggroed the "Monster Maverick!" ! Im still searching for just one Gold Legendary and I only have one Gold Epic, so the packs would sure be nice to win my friend Lol! Love buying and opening the packs, so addicted!Love Steem Monsters!😂😀✌👌💕
I created this a few days ago! lol!😂😂😂

Monster Maverick. What did you do to max cards?

Monster Maverick man!

Monster maverick. Resteemed.

Monster Maverick.

Just bought my first packs today once I read the gameplay mechanics post. Seems like a fun game. Looking forward to it.

Monster Maverick
Will resteem.
Congrats on a great 10k day

Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick

I need to get started on getting my cards asap. Keep meaning to, but so busy with @pifc and life that I never seem to have time to look into this closely. We started giving away 1 card to each entry a few weeks back thanks to @erodedthoughts donating cards. Everyone seems to really enjoy getting them as a little bonus.

Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick! Look at all that gold

Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick

Congrats on the deck:)

Congratulations aggroed! You are truely a Monster Maverick!

Monster Maverick

I'm so looking forward to the game being playable, collecting already is great fun though!

"Monster Maverick"
So I'm still missing 7 cards to complete my collection. No where's near the gold set just trying to complete one milestone at a time!

Monster Maverick
I need all the free I can get. lol
Make sure one of them is that gold selena so I can give haejin a good deal :)

Monster Maverick 🙂

Congrats on the monster sale and maxing out your cards. It is amazing that SM is now reaching people in all communities. We have to keep spreading this excitement! Thanks for giving back to the community with your sneaky contest. Best of success to the game jam this weekend.

Monster Maverick . Pronto vamos a poder disfrutar de este grandioso juego

Monster Maverick my friend great effort on your behalf, thank you, cheers.

Monster Maverick
My friend great effort on your
Behalf, thank you, cheers.

                 - silverbug

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Monster Maverik WOW!

Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick @aggroed !!!

Monster Maverick, and I love all them gold cards!

Monster Maverick!

Monster Maverick

I will comment with my trail followers.

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Monster Maverick! Maxed decks and already playing game simulations... methinks you will be unstoppable!

"Monster Maverick"

hope i win, I'll give it out to all my minnow friends who don't have a pack!

Monster Maverick!

I'm loving this game so far had a lot of fun opening packs! You've done well!

Monster Maverick

Monster Maverick
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Monster Maverick

I need my fix man....

Monster Maverick

Congrats on the milestone, looking forward to more.
Monster Maverick

@aggroed "Monster Maverick"

Monster Maverick :D

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