Splinterlands Update + New Card Stats!

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TRX Tournament Integration

As part of our crowdfunding campaign through the SEEDGerminator platform on the Tron blockchain, we are working on integrating TRX and other Tron-based cryptocurrencies into the game.

We have recently released the ability to use TRX for tournament entry fees and as prizes which will be handled automatically by the system. In order to enter a tournament with TRX or other Tron-based tokens as prizes, each entrant must have a Tron wallet address linked to their Splinterlands account. This will allow the system to automatically pay out the prizes to each winner when the tournament ends or refund entry fees if a player leaves or if the tournament is cancelled.

To link your Tron wallet address to your account, you can click on your name on the top right of the game page and choose the "Link Tron Wallet" option in the drop down. If you are using a browser-based wallet such as the TronLink extension, your address will be pre-filled for you.

Pay with TRX on the Market

Additionally, we have recently released the option to purchase cards on the market from other players using TRX. Sellers will still be paid in STEEM, even if the buyer pays with TRX. Behind the scenes the TRX is simply converted to STEEM. It is necessary to pay the seller in STEEM because, as a decentralized market on the Steem blockchain, the actual STEEM transfer on the blockchain is what completes the transaction.

Allowing players to make market purchases using other cryptocurrencies should make it MUCH easier for those who don't already have STEEM to participate in the market which we hope will help increase prices and liquidity.

New Rulesets

Last week you may have noticied two new rulesets added into the game: Little League, and Fog of War. Earlier today we released another new ruleset called Earthquake. Going forward we hope to release a new ruleset every week or so to help keep things interesting. We also plan to make the new rulesets appear more often so that more players have the chance to try them out.

In case you haven't encountered these new rulesets yet, here's what they do:

  • Little League - Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.
  • Fog of War - Monsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities.
  • Earthquake - Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.

New Promo Card Stats

We had previously released the stats for the Red Dragon and Dragonling Bowman cards, and now we are releasing the stats for the two remaining exclusive promo cards which will ONLY be available through the SEEDGerminator crowdfunding campaign!

Delwyn Dragonscale

Let's start off with the new Common Summoner - Delwyn Dragonscale. He is the only Common rarity Summoner card currently in the game, which means he will comprise the bulk of the cards given out during the campaign. Our hope is that it will be pretty easy for all players to get at least one of this card so they can access the Dragon Splinter, but it will still remain difficult / costly to get him up to higher levels.

You have probably already noticed that he costs a hefty 5 Mana, but he also gives all friendly Monsters +1 Magic attack. This is a pretty big deal as Magic attack is the most powerful attack in the game since it bypasses Armor and cannot miss. Previously only available to the Water Splinter, now with Delwyn a +1 Magic attack Summoner is available to be used with cards from ANY Splinter!

In a high Mana-cap game, pairing him with a Red and Gold Dragon could be extremely deadly! Best get your Silence, Magic Reflect, and Void cards ready to counter him.

Fiendish Harpy

Next we'll talk about the new Epic Monster - Fiendish Harpy. The Harpy costs only 2 Mana and has the following new ability:

  • Opportunity - This Monster targets the enemy with the least health

This means that the Harpy can use its Melee attack from any position on the battlefield, and will target whichever enemy Monster has the least Health at the time. We expect that this will add a new element to the meta where there is now a way to "pick off" low health support or damage dealers. At 2 Mana, this card should fit in nicely to many teams, especially in low mana cap battles.

Crowdfund Campaign Ending Soon!

If you want to pick up some of these exclusive cards, there is less than one week left before the first campaign ends! You can find the details of the campaign and how to contribute at https://seedgerminator.sesameseed.org/

Even if you don't really care about the exclusive cards, if you contribute using TRX you can get regular Beta edition booster packs at around a 20% discout AND you get some of the new exclusive promo cards as a bonus!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Can the Melee damage of “Earthquake” miss?


Fiendish Harpy seems OP :P

Good game, mate. Congratulations on a gripping win.

Thanks for the game! The final was not easy ;-)

I agree, combined with Daria and another inspire, that Harpy is going to be an unstoppable assassin monster with no viable counter, unless opportunity is also targeted by snipe.

My understanding is that Snipe targets non-melee monsters that are not in first position. That means it's likely Fiendish Harpy will not be targeted by Snipe unless there aren't any other possible targets.

And they're for a campaign to bring in Tron users... which sadly didn't show up.
Seems your partners at seedgerminator took you guys for a ride... Did they do ANY marketing for you guys beyond simple announcements on small channels?
Seems like this ended up being steem users shelling out even more of their own money for this game to support the price and liquidity of the SEED token. Or am I not seeing something?
That company/seedgerminator or whatever also seems to be pretty silent on steem and on your guys discord... they still around. I'd love to hear about the stuff i may be missing. Did they do stuff we may have missed out on? Or were their hopes and wishes fulfilled sufficiently by getting steem users to buy hundreds of thousands of SEED?

Or tell me how I'm seeing this wrong.

It's a partnership. We've seen a few hundred people join the telegram group that we run. We've seen a few hundred people more than the last crowdfund hop into this one. Those are good things. It's impossible to tell at this point where the money in the campaign came from, but there are new players and we see new activity cominginto the game. We're also making partnerships out of this that wouldn't have existed had it not happened.

It's a little underwhelming for money, but it's the first one of these. We'll get a better process down.

  1. Opportunity sounds awesome!!
    However a 3 attack specialized card with 2 mana is pretty crazy.
  2. Where is the money from this campaign going?
  3. What system are you using to convert the TRX to Steem?
    Can you speak to how you're technically doing it. Because at the time of a market purchase you have to send the expected steem there would be no time to wait for an exchange to take place no matter how fast the service was.
    Also is there a fee added? If so what?

Matt likes strong rewards cards
Some money has been spent already to make the splinterlands.io site so that it's fast to onboard the new users from Tron. The rest will go towards completing the roadmap. Something like DEC in a month, and a lot of work and money into the mobile app that should hit by year's end if not sooner.

tron is shit and expensive though?

So the harpy will likely be aiming for my shin lo with the low health whereas shin lo can only attack it if it is placed in the sneak position? Grrr!

You're Lucky I don't even have a Shin Lo................

Sorry, late reply. I've died many times using shin lo, and I usually use it for my sacrificial lamb. Shin lo doesn't even have the flying ability for the earthquake mana rule! I can delegate you one for a month if you want to try it out. I only have the level 1 left, with one magic. It's more useful when it's at level 3.

Let me know!

Too strong this cards , nice not balance game...

well, these are max level cards, so they're aren't that OP, it'll take a lot of cards to get there.

I agree the fiendish harpy seems a bit op with 3 melee... at least reduce it to 2 given its 2 mana cost

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Keep in mind these are the stats with the card at level 6.

The "opportunity" ability is a great idea. Definitely a game changer. We've all sat there playing the game and thought, "please, if only it would take out a certain card...."

Great new cards @aggroed, can't wait to fight against them.

Interesting to see the stats of those cards :) On the ruleset side .... new game rulles also is interesting but is there maybe a point where it will become to complicated ... and repulse new players ... steep learning curve ...? It is a logical game.... but stil ... where is the balance?

The game is completely about building your team of cards, so the more rulesets we can add and variation around that the better. The standard ruleset is always used until a player has a rating of 300+ so new players don't have to deal with that initially. Overall the game is much simpler than the majority of CCGs out there.

Thanks for the reply. Gradualy introducing new rulsets as the player climb the leagues seem even better.

Hi, @aggroed!
Please, pay attention to my propose for the special Battle rule
I wrote it 3 months ago


Read it and loved it :)
@aggroed please make something like this happen. It doesn't have to be exactly same. but playing around with healing is really great.

Good job @monsterstamer

Hi, @aggroed!

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Where is it clickable?)

Awesome update! Already purchased with some SEED but now I might have to get some more 🤑

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When will the cards be awarded? In my Tron wallet tokens are already here. When I can use it?

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