Well, what do we have here? Going Vertical!!!

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Holy VERTICAL GROWTH Batman!!! You guys seeing this? Holy shit. Why blockchain games? Why Steem? Why Splinterlands? I mean, maybe just show them this?

In case you've had no pulse for the last year this is the chart we call market cap. Marketcap isn't always the best number to be tracking and the way we do it isn't perfect either, but it's one steady number we've been using since nearly the beginning. The bot that generates the chart which is publicly available, free to use, and simple to create in discord. The bot looks at the lowest asking price, figures out how much all the cards of one type would be worth and sums up all the values of all the cards based on the lowest asking price and extrapolating from there. For better or worse we call that marketcap.

17%, 48hrs

Two days ago right as Splinterlands cards were selling out the value was $3.33M. Today, the value is at a new All Time High of $3.86M. That's 17% growth in 2 days...

Yes, there was mild new inflation because of rewards cards printing, but if all you do is inflate the general value of the cards shouldn't change. So, I'm arguing that the small amount of rewards cards inflation isn't responsible for this.

Why we growin' like this?

What we're seeing is people combining cards and getting cards now because they know that they'll likely never be cheaper than right this second. Why? Because we stopped printing beta cards. The only place players can get them is other players. So, you can buy packs from other players on steem-engine.com or you can buy individual cards on the marketplace, and you can find good deals on whole decks in Discord. What you can't do is get new beta cards from splinterlands.io. They're SOLD OUT!!!

Players are buying cards and combining them, but there's not enough cards for everyone to do that. Also, every time someone combines them they are forever removed from the market. People buy from the weakest hands and remove the individual cards permanently from circulation. That's driving the price of the individual cards up, which in turn is driving the price of combined cards up.

How high can it go?

Well, I'm not really sure. A lot of value is driven by how much we're awarding every day through DEC, quests, and tournament prizes. We give out just shy of a Million DEC every day which is roughly $1000/day. We have tournaments for $1600 a week. We have rewards cards that change in value all the time, but it's probably in the thousands too. There's a lot driving how much players can receive.

Furthermore, DEC is uncapped, but in it's current state becomes kinda unweildy as the price goes way up. Quests are uncapped inflation, but newly inflated rewards cards aren't really driving this until more of those stop printing too. Tournaments are steady at $1600, but if the Kickstarter goes well we'll raise that up.So, I think if people are hodling to earn there's a cap that's relative to how much value is being given out by the system every day.

But if people are holding and speculating on the asset there's basically no limit. These cards are hyperdeflationary. And every day we add new players the supply of cards shrinks, but the demand keeps rising. How far that goes is unknown to me.

This is the worst bear market in the history of alt coins

What do you think will happen to the price of these cards and future cards when we're in a bull market. If we can do 17% in 2 days after sell out what do you think they'll be able to do when bulls are back in control?

These assets are safer than centralized assets

Did you see Blizzard just nuked a Master's player's rewards and banned them because they dared to say "Liberate Hong Kong?" If you don't own the keys you don't own the account. You're at the will of someone else. With blockchain you own the keys. The assets are yours. Even your bank doesn't work like that.

The ship hasn't sailed

I said 2 days ago there's a 50% chance we'll hit $4M marketcap this month. I think there's now a 75% chance we hit that by this weekend...

So, when 6M? I'm putting a new estimate out there. Based on what I'm seeing I would place a 60% chance the Splinterlands marketcap will hit $6M by the end of the month. I'll have to look at how strong demand is and how thin the markets are before I go past that timeline. But basically I think there's another 50% short term growth still hidden in these cards.

Not investment advice

I'm not a financial expert. I'm not a financial advisor. I'm a dude designing a blockchain cardgame and interacting with the players for a living. This is just me guessing what will happen based on what I think I'm seeing. I don't know your personal finances or your objectives. So, it's impossible for me to say what you should be doing with your money. Even something like Sodl your house and hodl monsters would be difficult to tell you because I don't enough about you to know if that's the right decision.

My collection

I have two main accounts: smalp and tendershepard. Most of the cards are on Smalp. yes, the value is going up a lot. No, I'm not selling. Yes, I'm extremely happy with how my cards are holding up relative to everything else in the altcoin market.


I am glad I did not make the same mistake with beta packs as I did with alpha packs. Fomo'd hard on beta packs and it has been one of the best crypto investments thus far especially in recent history.

Long live steem and steemmonsters.

Getting involved in Splinter was the best decision I ever made! I thought I had missed the boat as well but it seems like with this growth no matter when you get involved, it is the right time to get involved. Regardless of account value and cards increasing the fact that you can play, and earn is revolutionary. Can't wait for the upcoming KickStarter campaign and influx of new blood in the coming months. You, the entire team, and this community have given me something to look forward to in crypto!

Geez, you tried to tell me, I procrastinated on this one too long.

LOL, I'm telling you brother! Again! It's not too late yet… Shoot me a message, I will help you get involved and can give you some cards to start :)

Geez, you tried to tell
Me, I procrastinated
On this one too long.

                 - midlet

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I asked my son @shreyansh to try the game, as I myself is not a gamer at all, but by the time he was there the beta cards were out. I gifted him 75 steem to buy something that was available ( that's what he said), and he is now going through the game.

Hopefully, he will gear up and I can help him buy some more. Its better to play this than other games. I bought him a minecraft and he was spending time on that, now I want to play this :)

That's good, because splinterlands is not like other games out there, it's more than just a game hehe

Here we go!! Fun to watch it grow.

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That's awesome!

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Interesting read, 6 million ..... I will be surprised if we see that by the end of the month but I was also surprised to see my collection being worth $700 more today then it was yesterday.

Keep up the great work!

Wow that's great news looking forward to see the cards selling on other online store like ebay or amazon LOL

Also can't wait to see what's in the untamed series..

You guys deserve it, man. It’s awesome to see.

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FINE! I FOMO'ed in, I hope you're satisfied! :p

Imagine when there are apps to play this on iOS and Android... =)

I posted yesterday about how happy I was reaching 3K collection in SM. Well, after looking at smalp collection mine is nothing 😂

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Thank You @aggroed my Account Value by being here on Steemit did not get hurt to badly with the down turn in the price of STEEM, since a lot of my STEEM went into Buying More Monsters..........

Hi @aggroed

Wow I have always wanted to be able to buy a mallet and start this excellent adventure, but in view of my economic needs due to the country where I live I can never save to be able to buy, and now that you say that the mallets will no longer be sold because they get worse I feel that I find it harder to get in.

$ 10 for a Venezuelan is very expensive .. but I love the game I am always watching the videos of friends who have come a long way.

Greetings from Venezuela a country that fights for its freedom

Hi @aggroed

Just as the professor @lanzjoseg says, very hard what we are seeing, the need is to buy the basics, we can not divert money even for activities that used to make coffee with friends from the school of 40 years ago in the mall has turned uphill. I also have faith that this one day must change
Greetings from Venezuela a country that fights for its freedom

Asi mismo como lo dice el profe @lanzjoseg, muy duro lo que estamos viendo, la necesidad es comprar lo basico, no podemos desviar dinero ni siquiera para actividades que antes hacia, ir a tomar café con amigos del colegio de hace 40 años en el centro comercial se ha vuelto cuesta arriba. Tambien tengo fe que esto algun dia debe cambiar

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