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RE: Steem Monsters 10,000 DEC Give away plus 3 boosterpacks and bonus prizes!

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Wow, 10,000 DEC is really a lot!

As for a favorite chicken dish... chicken bites! My mother used to make chicken bites that were well-seasoned, then fried a little and then cooked. She hadn't made them in years, and I had forgotten just how tasty those were! Only recently I remembered about them and we finally made them again. Even though we used different seasonings, the result was great. Now that you brought the topic up, I'm starting to want to have those chicken bites again :P .

Very creative way to bring up the chicken topic and also discuss the card, by the way XD. Upvoted and resteemed!

Tagging @viniciotricolor.


Hi aiyumi, its nice to see you again, I hope all is well. Good luck

All is well. I'm just not really inspired to post lately. Thank you!

All is well. I'm just
Not really inspired to
Post lately. Thank you!

                 - aiyumi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the mention :)