What is STEEM MONSTERS? Intro & Unboxing Booster Packs! 👻👽👹

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Hi Steemians!

So I recently found out about STEEM MONSTERS (@steemmonsters) and was very intrigued, so i figured i'd buy a few packs and see where this goes. If you haven't heard of STEEM MONSTERS yet, take a look at the video below:

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Great Video! Sent you a few Epics for your collection! :-)

Whaaat amazing! thank you

Thank for the awesome and well detailed introduction to steem monsters, I am new to the platform and that has been intriguing me ever since I got here, but I didn't understand what all the hype was about from the little I heard about it here and there,

Now I do know, I will be definitely getting a few boosters eventually :)

Are there already tournament battles or do you known when they will start? :)

keep an eye on their account @steemmonsters for updates :)