SteemMonsters Collection for Sale

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I'm auctioning my @steemmonsters collection to the highest bidder before this post pays out:

Screenshot-2018-6-5 Welcome to Steem Monsters (3).png
Screenshot-2018-6-5 Welcome to Steem Monsters (4).png

I'd rather not go into the reasons why.

Contact Me:

Steem Chat, ProtonMail: ancapbarbie
Discord: ancapbarbie#1123


Not really familiar with SteemMonsters but as I see in the photo these monsters are quite interesting. How do this characters work?

So I should have said "reasonable offer" or stated a reserve? Obviously I spent more than that on them, and there's a legendary and a bunch of leveled-up cards there.

Ok Sorry ahahah, I want to start with 10 SBD

Okay since Steemit clowns gonna clown:

There's a 10 SBD reserve on this collection.

even 10SBD is crazy cheap!
Anyways my bid is 10 Sbd, but hopefully you'll get a lot more @ancapbarbie

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I'd rather not go into the reasons why.

I'm intrigued !!!

I have a 15 SBD offer via Discord that is currently the highest bid.

Definitely worth a lot more now haha

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