Steem Monsters giveaway #2

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For all of you who don’t know what Steem Monsters are, the best  description is a fun, collectable card game. For those who want to learn  more just visit @steemmonsters and educate yourself additionally.    

Monsters from which can choose your winnings! 

What to do to win Steem Monsters?    

  • You just write in comment the minute of the first goal of the Champions league qualification match between Benfica (Por) and PAOK (Gre) that will be played on 21.08.2018., and additionally as tiebreaker write the minute of the first yellow card.
  • Also, in the comment, add the names of 2 monsters you want to win out of the offered ones.
  • Try not to repeat already existing entry, because the earlier entry will get the advantage in deciding the winner. 
  • Example of an entry: Goal 17 min, yellow card 65 min  
  • Upvote and Resteem are not mandatory but are highly appreciated.  


There must be a winner so even if no one gets the correct minute, I’ll look the closest prediction.
If there are two answers that have the same distance from the correct  minute, the yellow card minute is tiebreaker. In case the tiebreaker  is the same than earlier entry will get the advantage in deciding  the winner.
I’ll inform the winner after the match. 
If the game ends without goals, the winner will be decided using random number generator.   

Good luck to everyone!   


Huh? A lot of people coming from Kryptonia but only three participants so far?

I don't have the slightest idea about these football championships, but I might as well give this a shot.

Wild guess. Goal 32 minutes and yellow card 28 minutes.

Chosen monster cards: Fire Beetle and Pirate Captain

Speaking of the cards, could you please write the names of the cards as alt text for the images? I'm a visually impaired person using a screen reader software (a program that speaks aloud what's written on the screen), and it reads only text, not images. I had to peek at the post's HTML source code to find out what cards are available, and I could only figure them out because the image names also happen to be the monsters' names.

Example Markdown code for the Pirate Captain:

![Pirate Captain](

If you do this, I'll be motivated to participate more often :D (well, if you continue doing Steem Monsters giveaways). Thank you. :)

I'll continue with these giveaways for sure.

And thank you very much for your feedback, I'll make sure that next there is markdown or even text name of all cards included in the giveaway.

Best regards and hope to see you again in these contests!

Thank you for considering my feedback. I'll stay tuned for the next giveaways :D .

You haven't won in this round, better luck next time.
But you still helped to improve the contest so I've sent you one of the cards you picked :)

Oh, nice! Thank you! I hadn't expected to "win" without winning :P (I actually think this is better luck than if I had really won haha).

Off to take part in the newest contest :D .

done upvoted and resteemed from kryptonia @cristinealimasac!

I had a time playing the physical game, we met with my friends to play it ... it seems a very entertaining game.

Kryptonian as jorgebgt

Kryptonia id : prokaysar


@maryresp from kryptonia

Kryptonia ID @mejia_martinez

Kryptonia id : ashikstd

Nice gaming post.
kryptonia ID: @amiohi

Upvoted! Kryptonia id : mafaldation

Kryptonia upvoted by @acosta, thanks for sharing your content my friend, funny way to win some Steem Monsters btw!!

I would've liked to get that Fire Beetle, but I can't watch the match live.

Also, I have the same ID (cryptocopy) at Kryptonia.

I upvoted you.
@da_silva from kryptonia

Good luck everybody!
Greetings from Kryptonia, @mapleleaf123!

I admit i dont understand collectibles and games - cryptokitties really confuses me - but it seems like a cool way to enjoy crypto.
@boboxer kryptonia

First goal at 23 minutes, first yellow card at 39 minutes. Sabre shark and fire beetle please ☺. Kryptonia: Pardinus

@psyceratopsb from kryptonia..
Prijatelju odakle si?

Sad san vidia komentar :)
Iz Splita san al živim u Zagrebu. Ti?

Iz SB al zivim u Dublinu

kryptonia ID valedjie123

Kryptonia id: @suanky

Interesting pictures of damn monsters
@airsoftman #Kryptonia

Kryptonia upvoted by @raynizm

upvoted from kryptonia.
ID: @mahathirohi

First goal at 19 minutes, first yellow card at 42 minutes
@fortunee via Kryptonia

It's fun, good job. So goal 45 minute, yellow card 36 minute.
Monster cards: haunted spider and cobold miner
Kryptonia ID @hairyfairy

what are steem monsters, never heard of them before!

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Official stats are that first goal has been scored in 45+1th min.
Winner of Steem Monsters is @hairyfairy with the closest prediction (45th min was the guess), congratulations!!!

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