Steem Monsters giveaway #3

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For all of you who don’t know what Steem Monsters are, the best description is a fun, collectable card game. For those who want to  learn more just visit @steemmonsters and educate yourself additionally.     

Monsters from which can choose your winnings!  

Animated Corpse

Fire Beetle

Sabre Shark

Goblin Sorcerer

What to do to win Steem Monsters?    

  • You just write in comment the minute of the first goal of the Champions league qualification match between PAOK (Gre) and Benfica (Por) that will be played on 29.08.2018., and additionally as tiebreaker write the minute of the first yellow card.
  • Also, in the comment, add the names of 2 monsters you want to win out of the offered ones.
  • Try not to repeat already existing entry, because the earlier entry will get the advantage in deciding the winner. 
  • Example of an entry: Goal 17 min, yellow card 65 min  
  • Upvote and Resteem are not mandatory but are highly appreciated.  


There must be a winner so even if no one gets the correct minute, I’ll look the closest prediction.
If there are two answers that have the same distance from the correct minute, the yellow card minute is tiebreaker. In case the tiebreaker is the same than earlier entry will get the advantage in deciding the winner.
I’ll inform the winner after the match. 
If the game ends without goals, the winner will be decided using random number generator. 

Good luck to everyone! 


Thank you for implementing my suggestion and writing the cards' names instead of only the images.

My guess: goal 20 minutes, yellow card 35 minutes.

Chosen cards: Fire Beetle and Goblin Sorcerer.

hello, thank you very much for giving me this chance, I love these cards, kisses

goal 15 minutes, yellow card 40 minutes.

cards: Goblin Sorcerer and Fire Beetle

goal 22 minutes, yellow card 57 minutes.

cards: Sabre shark and animated corpse

hello my friend

goal 27 minutes, yellow card 32 minutes

cards: Fire Beetle and Sabre Shark

Goal at 29 minutes, yellow card at 43 minutes. Goblin sorcerer and fire beetle please. Go Benfica! :)

Official stats are that first goal has been scored in 13th min.
Winner of Steem Monsters is @marianaemilia with the closest prediction (15th min was the guess), congratulations!!!

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