Steem Monsters giveaway #4

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For all of you who don’t know what Steem Monsters are, the best description is a fun, collectable card game. For those who want to learn more just visit @steemmonsters and educate yourself additionally.      

Monster for the win in the contest is Peacebringer! 

 What to do to win Steem Monsters?    

  • You just write in comment the minute of the first goal of the football match between  Island and Belgium that will be played on 11.09.2018., and additionally as tiebreaker write the minute of the first yellow card.
  • Try not to repeat already existing entry, because the earlier entry will get the advantage in deciding the winner. 
  • Example of an entry: Goal 17 min, yellow card 65 min  
  • Upvote and Resteem are not mandatory but are highly appreciated.  


There must be a winner so even if no one gets the correct minute, I’ll look the closest prediction.
If there are two answers that have the same distance from the correct minute, the yellow card minute is tiebreaker. In case the tiebreaker is the same than earlier entry will get the advantage in deciding the winner.
I’ll inform the winner after the match. 
If the game ends without goals, the winner will be decided using random number generator.  

Good luck to everyone! 


Goal 20min
Yellow card 25

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Goal @ 22 minutes
Card @ 52 minutes
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Goal 24 min, Yellow card 13 min
Kryptonia ID: Tupamalo

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kcherukuri from kryptonia

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Goal 32 min, yellow card 25 min
Kryptonia ID: @Dhaneshpk

Goal 35 min, yellow card 28 min.

Goal 26 min, yellow card 55 min
Kryptonia id: dhanu4u

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Cool post.
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Goal 32 min, yellow card 25 min
Kryptonia ID: @spyder0896

Official stats are that first goal has been scored in 29th min.
Winner of STEEMmonster is @dhanu4u with the closest prediction and the correct minute of the yellow card (26th min was the guess), congratulations!!!

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