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RE: SteemMonsters speedrun - from 0 to top30 with 30 STEEM in the pocket + rental market observations

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Hi @jacekw.
If you want to join the Crypto Class Action Knights Arise tournament you should sign up to the Crypto Class action to get your free SUFB token, rather than having to buy it.
Just send an encrypted Steem memo to @jpbliberty saying "Join Crypto Class Action. My contact details are [email/Telegram/Discord]"

More details in this post.


Thanks for info! I admit, I haven't carefully read the description, just looked what I need to enter, bought it on steem-engine and signed up haha ;-)

Well sign up anyway now you know how easy it is. You stand to make a lot more than you win in the tournament. Congratulations BTW.