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RE: A full day of Steem Monsters Tournaments Tomorrow

in #steemmonsters2 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, thanks for all your effort, changes and constant improvements in the game.
But today I come to mention something and if it is possible some kind of spam so that some of you try to take this into account, maybe I am not the only one who has commented but I would like to put it in words here.

I live in Ecuador, the country in many cases of exchanges pages or even in the world of cryptocurrencies is blocked. One option that I thought would solve the problem of changes was Uphold, but like its list of countries, Ecuador is Blocked. So to think that the currency is dollars.
I can only use PAYPAL or debit card. Getting Cryptocurrency is at least a legendary quest.

You already accept Paypal as payment method of the Booster packs. Perhaps they could even consider the option of being able to buy the cards that one really needs with a minimum of $ 2 per purchase. Or some way to charge balance to the game through paypal

In my case, I have been very affected by this, especially in my progress in the game. Since having the possibility to invest, I can not do it.

Each player has specific needs in their Splinters, buying Booster packs does not guarantee that I will have close to the card I need.

So between investing $ 2 in booster when I could invest $ 2 - 5- 10-15 in cards that I really need. (of course I´ll buy booster packs for some adrenaline sometimes)

It would be amazing and it would surely allow me to move forward at a more satisfying pace in the game.

Thanks Again!. @aggroed