Lets Do A Steem Monsters Giveaway

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Now that combat has begun and people are quick to snipe those cards off the market I think it is appropriate to give away some cards to the community, to help out the underdog.
I plan on hosting these giveaways every second day so in a week there will be 3-4 giveaways, trust me I counted...
The giveaways will work like a tiered system, as the payout of the post increases the value of cards being given away will increase, you will be able to see what will be unlocked at what stage.

How do I plan on getting cards?

I have two ways of getting cards:
  1. If everyone who enters this giveaway gives me an upvote then I should be able to supply cards every week
  2. Play ranked for packs which I can open for cards

Why am I doing this?

I don't post often so maybe doing this will help me think of some new ideas, gain a following and keep me active, while helping others

Rules for today's giveaway:

  • Upvote this post with at least 50% vote strength
  • Resteem this post so it can reach a bigger audience
  • Follow me
  • Comment on this post when you have finished the above-stated rules

The first card being given away will be:

Tier 0: Mighty Rexxie (No Upvotes Required)

Tier 1: Slippery Water Elemental (Payout of 0.10$ Required)

Tier 2: Dangerous Zintar Mortalis (Payout of 0.40$ Required)

Tier 3: Bright Defender Of Truth (Payout of 0.70$ Required)

Good Luck!

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Completed all the tasks. Wish me luck.

You won! I'll send the card right away


SteemMonsters is an amazing game, thank you for all the SM card giveaways and competitions...
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Done! @bobbythegreat

Thanks! <3. Will everyone receive a card? I don't have any card, wish to get at least one T.T good luck to the others participants

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Not everyone will receive a card, but if this post gets a certain amount of payout all 4 cards will be given out, also only 1 other person has joined so you have a 50% chance of winning the epic

Amazing! @bobbythegreat, I'm content with just the common hahaha

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Done all of the above? Will you be giving away multiple cards because your payout went above $1?

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No, only the highest tier(epic) will be given out at this point, but if the payout doubles from what it is currently then all cards listed above will be given away. Good luck and thank you

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I wish you good luck!

It looks like the upvote is 5% instead of 50%? if you correct it you will be entered

Can I vote on your comment if it is can be accepted or necessary for the post?

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I correct it

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